Sony working on a mid-range smartphone

leaked Images of mid-range Sony HuaShan

Sony may be working on a mid-range smartphone that actually improves on some specs of the Xperia T. Last year, the Sony C530X (codenamed HuaShan) would have found itself branded as a flagship phone, but in the age of quad-core phones, the two Krait cores in the C530X are second in the pecking order.
However, Sony is not skimming on many features in the HuaShan, despite the mid-range lineage. A screenshot of the Android software information page shows the phone running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean—the same version the flagship Xperia Z will launch with. German website USP Forum has leaked some images that show the mid-range droid with a rather plain-looking, matte steel-gray back.
The leaked pictures of the Xperia C530X

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