Charge your Mobile from water? ITS TRUE

What? Charge your phone using water? It might sound like madness, but it’s real. All you have to do is open up one end of this charger, pour in one tablespoon of water, then plug in your mobile.
And hey presto, the water powers a fuel cell which provides charge to your phone. Unlike solar-powered devices it provides instant power, and doesn’t rely on good weather.
Not only that, it’ll charge anything that uses USB, so your tablet, laptop, camera… anything is sorted. All you need is a tap, or water bottle. A true lifesaver.

 What is This amazing Thing-
FC PowerTrekk is a portable fuel cell charger for use by outdoor enthusiasts who spend time away from the electricity grid. PowerTrekk provides instant power anywhere to electronic equipment such as mobile phones, digital cameras and GPS devices.
FC PowerTrekk is a 2-in-1 solution that is both a portable battery pack and fuel cell. The portable battery pack can be operated on its own as a ready source of power or storage buffer for the fuel cell. The fuel cell enables instant charging from a deflated battery state without ever needing a wall charge
First of all – it doesn’t need any electricity to charge you phone or other USB-compliant electronic devices.
Secondly – it’s a more reliable source of power compared with most alternatives. It doesn’t need any sunlight to charge and it doesn’t require to be re-charged in a power socket.
Third – it’s small and lightweight, splash proof and easy to bring with you.

Fourth – it’s a green energy solution. We believe this is one of the future ways of producing energy.
Fifth – it’s a unique hybrid solution. The myFC PowerTrekk is equipped with both a fuel cell system and an internal battery. Depending on if you have access to electricity or not you can choose which source to use.

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