A Lamp that works with gravity ...!

  For those who, like many of us, technology addicts, it may be surprising to discover that 1.5 billion people living in backward areas of the world and who are still without electricity. Are remote and difficult to access.
There are those, however, try to deal with these problems with technology solutions "sophisticated". One example comes from two London designers who have created a useful and intelligent lamp, for those who do not have access to electricity. It is a lamp that works by exploiting gravity.
Consists of a 'bag' that functions as a counterweight and a tape that runs the bag, is that the LED lamp. GravityLight - this is his name - works thanks to the weight of the bag, filled with gravel, sand or soil. Thanks to some equipment and lights the lamp, 3 seconds of sliding are already enough to get 30 minutes of light!

 For many people in developing countries could replace kerosene lamps popular, more dangerous, burning nearly 20% of the family budget.The idea of ​​the two inventors is to create objects for people without access to the grid, although gravity and light is just a prototype for now, we are looking for more funding to produce nearly 1000 bulbs and send them to various African and Indian villages.

The lamps will be sold for a little more than 3.6 euros. Another example of how technology can meet the needs of the disadvantaged, without losing sight of the environment. Incredible!
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