Fake Google Glass pre-order site spotted 

f you intend to make the Google Glass your next tech buy and are looking to pre-order it, you may want to hear about the latest buzz around. 

Folks at Sophos' Naked Security recently spotted a comment on one of their articles that led them to a rather genuine-looking Google Glass pre-order website (googleglass-presale.com).

Someone by the name "YIN" with a Brazilian email address left a comment (in Chinese language) on an article, and the translated message read, "This service is available for sale. I've done my part." When the researchers visited the link given in the mail, they found themselves on a "professional-looking website". The post notes, "Judging by the WHOIS information, it's run by a guy in Brazil - and he's only just created it. Of course, it's very possible that the WHOIS information for this site has been populated with bogus information - and the person referred to has no connection with the site, or what it attempts to be doing."
The fake site
The fake site

They soon concluded that for one, the site isn't a legitimate one; neither would the company promote the pre-orders for Google Glass on third-party blogs and news sites via comments. The questionable site asks the visitor to pre-order the Glass for $499 (plus tax) via PayPal.

Talking of pre-orders, earlier this month Google closed down the registrations for #ifihadglass, the Google Glass pre-order competition it announced recently. The competition asked people to explain why they deserved to own one of the first Google Glass Explorer Edition devices via Twitter and Google+ using the #ifihadglass hashtag. Prospective buyers and developers had to explain their ideas for the Glass in 50 words or less, with up to five photos or a 15-second video clip.

Google closed down the registrations and has not revealed anything about how many buyers will receive the device. The company is probably trying to take it really slow as we have been hearing about Glass for a while now. The Verge got a test run with the device and reported that it is expected to be made available this year but at a much lower price compared to the $1,500 (approx Rs 75,000) Google is asking for the first units.

The Verge also reported that the search giant will release Glass to consumers by the end of this year. What's more, the tech site was also informed that the company will make Glass available for "less than $1,500" when it goes on sale.

Glass is likely to feature bone conduction technology instead of traditional speakers for sound and a small screen in front of the user’s eye to display information. It will also feature a camera, which was shown off by the company’s co-founder Sergey Brin.


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