Lyrix Duo Bluetooth speaker has a removable Bluetooth receiver

l-duoThe Bluetooth speaker is called the Lyrix Duo and what sets this portable speaker apart from the typical offerings out there is that it has a removable Bluetooth receiver. The Bluetooth receiver plugs into the speaker using what appears to be an embedded USB port. Users can easily remove the Bluetooth receiver by simply grabbing its edge and pulling it out.
Most of the Bluetooth speakers that are on the market are pretty much the same. They’re designed to connect wirelessly to your smartphone or computer and allow you to play your music without having to plug in headphones or wires for normal speakers. A new Bluetooth speaker has debuted from a company called Digital Treasures that is different from other offerings on the market.
Once the Bluetooth receiver is removed from the speaker itself, it can be carried around and used in
conjunction with home theater or stereo speakers and headphones using included auxiliary cables. That means you can buy this portable speaker and then when you’re at home you can use Bluetooth receiver to shoot music from your smartphone to your home stereo. The portable speaker itself has an output of 3 W.
The internal rechargeable battery is good for up to four hours. The speaker has a suction cup similar to a GPS device on the bottom allowing users to attach the speaker to just about any flat surface. The speaker can be attached to the wall by your desk or to the window of your car. The wireless range is up to 33 feet and the frequency response is 20 Hz-20 kHz. Digital Treasures is offering the Lyrix Duo in red or blue for $49.99.

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