BLU Products to use stock Android,new colors and Jelly Bean from now

BLU Products to use stock Android from now on, ships Vivo 43 in new colors
BLU Products most often draws attention by launching a smorgasbord of new phones. Today, the company is more interested in rethinking the devices it already has. Starting with a just-launced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Vivo 4.3, the company is moving to stock Android for every new device and firmware upgrade in the hopes of improving battery life and
streamlining the interface -- a distinct break from the growing trend toward hyper-customized experiences. Whether or not vanilla Android is your bag, the Vivo 4.3 is also receiving a minor hardware update through new colors. Pink, yellow and white variants of the dual SIM phone are now shipping from Amazon and other retailers for $229 each. Although we'd most like to see a full-fledged sequel to the older phone, we can't object too much to a spring tune-up.

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