Coca-Cola secret formula changes the place for the first time in 86 years

The "secret formula" was stored in a vault since 1925 SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta (USA). The formula, created in 1886, however, will remain hidden from public view and stored under lock and key by the owners of the company.
The birth of the world's most popular soft drink dates back to 1886, when the pharmacist John Pemberton invented the syrup that gave rise to the drink.In 1919, when Ernest Woodruff and a group of investors acquired the company for the first time the recipe was entered in a document that was stored in a vault in the Guaranty Bank in New York. Six years later, the secret formula was carried to the bank of Atlanta, where he spent the last decades.

The formula for Coca-Cola was taken to a new home: a bell at the museum that the company set up in Atlanta Georgia. World leader in the manufacture of beverages explained however, that visitors to the museum World of Coca-Cola will not be able to see what is written in the document.
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