Creative T3150 Cheap But stealthy Subwoofers Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth speakers still tend to revolve around portable designs, but there's been a gradual shift toward traditional-looking speakers that just happen to have short-range wireless as an option. Creative's T3150 is proof positive: while it's an entry-level, 2.1-channel PC speaker on the outside, it stuffs in stereo Bluetooth audio to handle mobile devices in a pinch. Mind you, that's not the only thing Creative is stealthy about. Although the company is willing to
say that the T3150 has an Image Focusing Plate to widen the listening sweet spot, there's no mention of the power output; we've reached out for more detail. At prices of £60 and €70 (around $100) for the planned May launch, though, we'd expect a modest amount of wireless audio power

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