Electric bicycle with no chain is now available for test drive

The Mando Footloose became lodged in Portugal, by Prio.E , a subsidiary of Martifer specialist in electric mobility. The bike will be available for test drive, in Lisbon, between 4 and 7 April.
The test drive can be done by anyone during Motoshow Lisbon, one of the biggest events of the year in Portugal for the motor industry.
"Electric vehicles are two-wheelers the choice of more and more individuals and companies both by the low operating cost and maintenance that represent either the guaranteed protection from the change in the price of fossil fuels," he said in a statement João Dias,
CEO the Prio.E. Besides Mando Footloose, the company represents brands like Govecs, Etropolis, Volta and Mecatecno. All of them are available for test drive during the four days.
The Mando Footloose was developed by the manufacturers of automobile parts and South Korean Mando Meister and began to be sold this year.
This is an electric bicycle that uses no chain and the movement of pedaling energy, which is stored in a lithium ion battery, and then used to move the vehicle when the rider is tired. Ideally, therefore, to the streets of Lisbon.  
The new bike can travel about 30 miles on electric charge, and to adjust the level of their speed and power output of the engine, there is a moni

toring unit, located in the central part of the vehicle.
In parallel, the bike features a removable screen - and mountable - the handlebars. This screen can control all major functions of Footloose.
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