Gadget of the day:NearFA Touch Speaker

Your bluetooth device has not been recognised! Unable to connect! Aaaarrghhh! If only there was a simpler way. With the Touch Speaker now there is. No need for syncing, waiting to connect, loss of connection, entering passcodes, or even wires! So how does it work? Well, this compact speaker utilises the latest wireless technology called Near Field Audio or NearFA for short (why they didn’t just shorten it even more to NFA will remain a mystery!). It works by simply picking up the vibrations  and amplifying the sound. All you do is pop your device onto the top and hey presto! It really is like magic.
Boasting a powerful 2.5W x 2 RMS output the Touch Speaker will work with just about any device with an inbuilt speaker, plus it has the option for a 3.5mm jack if your mp3 player doesn't have a speaker.

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