Girl can die if combing her hair


The Scottish Megan Stewart, 13, could die if combing her hair. She suffers from a rare disease called Hair Brushing Syndrome. That is, if she brushed her auburn tresses a little stronger, it will collapse and may die.
The girl needs to avoid any static capillary in the region, especially combing hair. She may have dizziness, fainting and even seizures.
Megan, who was born premature, 12 weeks ahead of schedule, has vision problems, asthma and lung deficiency, but none of that stops her from having a normal life. What hinders it is not being able to brush your hair.

If Megan rub a balloon on the head, for example, she may die. The problem was discovered by the mother of Megan. Sharon Stewart, 41, was packing her daughter for the first day of class when something terrible happened.
- I was combing her hair in the room when she fell and her lips turned blue. I called the paramedics. We had never heard of this disease.
Doctors Hospital Yorkhill Glasgow, UK, said that Sharon had only heard of such a syndrome once in a lifetime.
His father Ian explains better what the girl has.
"When she combs, creates so much static electricity that your brain can not handle. He pretty much 'off' and the heart stops beating and the lungs do not work anymore. Every time she combs do not know how it will end. "
Megan had to spend a year of his life in hospital in Yorkhill Hospital until he was diagnosed by physical rather than by physicians.
Now she gives lectures to raise funds for the hospital that treated her.
Source: Dailymail

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