How To Avoid Constant Overload

Everyone has experienced a point in time where the demands are more than their capacity allows. We all know the experience of working on something into the early AM hours, because there just wasn't enough time in the day. Those times should be few and far between, yet I know some people who find themselves there all the time! It's not healthy. So how do we avoid putting ouselves in those situations time and time again?

Plan: Know What’s Down The Road

Nothing is worse than finding out the week of that you are slammed – that ten things need to get done and
you only have time for five of them. This seems simple, but it is a constant struggle for many. Keep an accurate calendar and task list. Intentionally be having conversations about events and plans that are weeks and months into the future. Sometimes the discussions can lead to a more stressful mindset since it seems more is happening now than actually is, but in the long run, you are further ahead and have a better buffer for the unknown.
Delegate: You Can’t Do It All

I’ve tried this – it’s not possible. The extent of what gets accomplished has a hard ceiling of what you’re capable of when you go it alone. More than that – don’t just delegate the easy stuff. Look to empower others to LEAD in areas. Yes, that means letting go a bit. In the long run, your team will be so much more effective when you aren’t the one and only, creating a bottleneck for everything. PLUS, when you begin to get overwhelmed, it happens slower and less things are affected by your personal overload.
Trust: You Weren’t Made To Be Self-Sufficient

Above all, tell God that you’re stressed. Ask Him to provide the peace that only He can provide. Rely on Him to lead your steps and to provide you strength. The American macho-man mentality that we have to internalize everything and be self-sufficient is not a Biblical principle. We’re called to be meek and humble, trusting in God’s strength above our own.
What do you think? How do you handle stressful times? What works and what doesn’t?

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