iCrayon Touch Screen Stylus:Draw Something Like A Pro

 There's nothing like colouring in with wax crayons. They were a classroom essential and now the humble crayon is back for us big kids in the form of a pretty nifty colourful phone stylus.
If you're part of the Draw Something craze, you needn't settle for sloppy finger paintings when you can create true masterpieces using your iCrayon. Much cooler than your bog standard phone stylus; simply pick your favourite colour and doodle away on the drawing app of your choice. Not only that but the smart phone crayon makes typing, texting and other functions easier too, so that's a weight off the old thumbs.

Whether you're an Apple-head, an Android enthusiast or you have just about any other kind of touch-screen smart phone; the iCrayon will make you the envy of your peers and toddlers alike and is probably the most immature of all our phone accessories. Just try not to go over the lines..


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