Nokia to Launch Aluminum LUMIA: Pics Leak

Pictures of a phone that's purported to be Nokia's next flagship Windows Phone handset have hit the Web (via WPCentral). If it's real, it looks like the Finnish company is making some big stylistic changes to the Lumia line.The device, codenamed "Catwalk," discards the brightly colored polycarbonate that has become something of a trademark among Nokia's Windows Phone devices. It's been replaced by aluminum, resulting in a device that's both thinner and lighter than the current Lumia 920. It's apparently 132 grams (instead of 185 grams) and 8.4mm thick (down from 10.7mm).
The "pillow" shape of the current devices is, however, retained. So even with the switch to metal casing, the device looks like it'll retain a
visual link to its predecessors.
What's inside the aluminum Lumia—the "Al-Lumia" or "Alumia," if you will? Like the current 920, it'll still sport a 1280×768 4.5 inch screen, but this time the technology will be different.
The claim is that it will use Samsung's "OCTA" technology. OCTA stands for "On-Cell Touch AMOLED" (with "AMOLED" of course standing for "Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode"). It integrates the touch sensors into the AMOLED screen itself, rather than using a separate glass overlay. The iPhone 5 uses a similar integrated touch sensor with its LCD screen.
This screen might also support double-tap-to-wake and a clock when the screen is "off" in the style of Nokia phones of old.
The phone will continue to be powered by a dual core Snapdragon processor, and like the Lumia 920, will be equipped with an 8.7 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. Other features should include a micro-HDMI output and perhaps a microSD slot. The one downside is that its internal storage seems to have been reduced to 16GB.
Rumors around another phone, codenamed EOS, are also circulating. This will probably come later in the year, and it will include a 41 megapixel camera—similar to the one in the PureView 808, but with a smaller bump—while retaining the optical image stabilization of the 920. If this is true, and if it retains the virtues of those two phones, then EOS will be something of a photographic powerhouse.
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