Skype for preview launches in the UK

Skype for Outlookcom preview launches in the UK, coming to the US soon's 60 million-plus users will have another feature to take advantage of soon, as Skype is previewing built-in web access to its service. Currently available in the UK (headed to the US and Germany in "coming weeks," -- worldwide this summer) it lets users make calls directly from their inbox via a browser plugin available for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Users with existing Skype accounts will also need to link their account to to the website which will allow their contacts to be merged, with the idea of having more choices of how to reach out to close contacts. Gmail's added easy access to hangouts and even Facebook has integrated Skype-connected video into its messaging so we suppose it's necessary for feature parity, with the added bonus of Skype's large install base. There's a video preview embedded after the break, or you can head to Skype's blog for more details

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