Space Bar adds more space to your desk

Now, I can think of a few ways to interpret a particular item known as the “Space Bar”. It could be a long running joke of a bar for the likes of weary travelers who go through the cosmos at light speed, or even beyond that, or it might have something to do with one of the most often used key on the keyboard. Well, this particular £99.95 Space Bar is neither, but what it does is this – it intends to help smarten up the amount of space around your workplace! We all know that space is a premium these days, especially in cities where apartments come in a rather cramped environment, and everything has to be flat and thin in nature in order to fit in nicely. Well, the Space Bar will help create some space on your work table, thanks to an ultra-sleek look that will assist you in ridding your desk of clutter, while giving you additional space and more USB ports. It boasts of a simple yet elegant design, and will even sport the space for you to slide your keyboard underneath the shelf, with additional items being placed on top of the shelf itself. Made out of brushed aluminium with white plastic accents, your desk would definitely be neater and cooler, not to mention having half a dozen USB ports at your disposal to charge and synchronize data with.
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