Underwear allows the partner to feel touch away

 Ever thought "send" a touch to your partner or your partner from a distance? That's the idea Fundawear.
The maker of Durex condoms is developing underwear for men and a set of bra and panties for women called Fundawear, which allows to feel the touch of the partner who is away on a trip or living in another city, for example.
The underwear of Fundawear turn have smaller
engines that lie between the tissue that vibrate when the person on the other side, using a specific application for the iPhone, touch the screen. The tap is then transmitted over the internet and comes to the partner who is wearing underwear and you'll feel a small vibration or a light touch.

The system has some level of pressure and vibration, allowing for much lighter touches the stronger. On the iPhone, you will see a picture of the undergarment so that the couple can choose which location you want to play virtually the partner.

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