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Who's got the shirt of gold in India

       Three hundred grams of about three kilos book made ​​of gold the world's most expensive shirt click the. It is worth a half million dollars or nearly one crore 39 lakh rupees.
These Indians, gold is an excellent example of love. Hobbies such as name, Dutta Fugge now "Gold Man" will be known by the nickname.
It can be called extraordinary
fashion. But do not let Fugge. He says,'' Some people ask me why I wear so much gold. But I had this dream. People individually have desires. Some wealthy people want to buy and buy Audi or Mercedes cars are even. So I chose to sleep.''

Exceptional fashion

It Fugge Dutta not the car, they have five cars. This particular shirt they sleep only on parties and other important occasions wear. But when they go to try it with him a contingent of guards walks.
"Some people ask me why I wear so much gold. But I had this dream. Persons individually desires are. Few rich people and keeping Audi or Mercedes car is aspired to., I chose to sleep '
133-year-old jewelery shop in Pune Tejpal Ratnakar Ratnakar Jewellers says,'' The challenge for us was the fact that it is comfortable to wear like an ordinary shirt.''
He decided to make it the one time he conducted research on the design and pattern. He did not want her to feel like wearing the gold sheet.
Ratnakar and his team of artisans through the Italian knitting machine based on a decision to make bedclothes. The care of the Indian kings came after seeing pictures of armor. To protect the body from scratch, he put it down to the level of velvet. BBC reporter saw this shirt even when wearing heavy in that it was a bit cross - was Medhi. It can not be washed, so keep it dirty or needed to prevent excessive sweating.

Term reputation

Fugge says he enjoyed wearing it. This promotion is the best way for them. This position in society - prestige administered. Its job was at that time when they were young.
He says,'' When I was in college, people used to say that if you are a large family then you should wear gold. So at the age of 20 I started to wear gold. I was wearing 10-15 grams of gold.''
A humble background family coming Fugge the property business had good success. Pimpri Chinchwad near Pune in town He then began to run money on interest.
He said that every six or eight months, when his company was earning good profits if they were made of gold would someone buy something. Now they want to buy something, it is completely made of gold mobile and maybe a pair of shoes made of gold.
Although some reports said that Fugge entice women have made this shirt. But his wife with a range of happy matrimony are spending.
Limit interested in government service, and the precious metals. Fugge explains,'' border pound gold. Gold necklace and bag I bought for them.''
Fugge also know what it means to invest in gold. He says,'' if necessary'' I can get money by selling shirt

Indians love gold

"Every Indian gold buys. Has become a symbol of the reputation or property. Past 10 years, we are seeing people moving gold jewelery - are mounted display or are trying to become gaudy"
Rajiv Mehta, Financial Analyst
Dutta Fugge millions of them - are one of the millions of Indians who love gold. Consumption of gold in India is the highest in the world.
To analyze company financial matters, "India Info line" says Rajiv Mehta,'' every Indian gold buys. It has become a symbol of prestige or property. We are looking for people for 10 years, rising gold jewelery - are mounted display or are trying to be fancy.''
Mehta says 18 thousand tonnes of gold in India, and it is two-thirds villages. There are millions of people who have a bank account, investing in gold is a good choice for them.
Ratnakar Tejpal demands that people are gold handbags and belts. Buy gold bars are also a growing number of Indians.
Twenty four carat gold tin Shahzad Khan says the Mumbai-based studio, his Kpanni a client recently asked to galvanize his gold toilet. He said that India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani stately home Antalia 'tin have been asked to sleep on the stairs.


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