Aware2 camera that takes photos with 300 MP, enters testing phase

aware2An American company called Aqueti, has a project somewhat challenging to develop a camera with a resolution of 300 megapixels. For this, together with a 160 micro cameras 14 megapixel sensor. Each can capture 2.24 gigapixel images in RAW mode. Then they are grouped into a smaller picture.
The photos have a panoramic effect similar to the human eye, but with the ability to zoom like a telephoto lens. The camera still faces some problems in exposure time and focus, but its creators say the quality is similar to DSLRs found in the market.
The prototype Aware2 weighs 24 kg and was recently used in testing during the anniversary of the town of Edenton, North Carolina.
According to Aqueti, the next models will have approximately one third the size of the prototype, but it is still high price - comparable to a television camera. The company believes that they will be hired to cover events and special celebrations.
Source: Peta Pixel

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