Samsung patent records screen TV that fits viewer

samsungpatentSamsung has patented this week, indicating that a technology can eventually produce televisions with flexible screens. In South Korea, however, the patent was presented a year ago.
The project also provides for the installation of a "member of panel disfiguration", placed in the back of the monitor to adjust their movements. The controller is connected to a menu offering various options, such as changing the screen, customize the angle toração, bending direction and precise degree and thus allows the movement of the TV.
According to the document, you can also adjust the image so it does not get distorted on the television, also by means of the remote control will work with bluetooth or infrared connection.

Samsung says working with flexible OLED screens for some time now, but this technology has already been presented for mobile phones. The LG introduced a flat-screen curve, but this design from Samsung is one of the first to speak of a flexible screen TV.Source: Patentbolt

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