Amazing World Tattoo – A Map That Gets Colored In With Each New Country Visited

Bill Passman is a dedicated traveler and he managed to show his dedication in the best way possible – by tattooing a world map on his back.  What’s the big deal, anyway, he is not the first one to do so, you would say. In fact, he got his idea from a girl named Jules, who had the very same tattoo on her back, beautifully colored and fascinating. The girl’s idea was to put a red dot on all the places she has traveled.
His tattoo, however is unique. Jules’s tattoo was his inspiration, but he interpreted it his own way. His world tattoo represents a very special world map, a one that gets colored in with each new country visited. He has 40 colored counties so far ‘with hopefully many more to follow,’ says Passman in his blog

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