China launches next manned space mission

Shenzhou-10 liftoff"You have made Chinese people feel proud of ourselves,'' Xi told Nie and his colleagues. "You have trained and prepared yourselves carefully and thoroughly, so I am confident in your completing the mission successfully. "I wish you success and look forward to your triumphant return.''It should take just over 40 hours to raise the craft's orbit to the operating altitude of Tiangong some 335km (210 miles) above the planet's surface. Three astronauts blasted away from the Jiuquan base in Inner
Mongolia on a Long March 2F rocket at 17:38 Beijing time (09:38 GMT). The commander, Nie Haisheng, and his crew, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping, plan to spend just under two weeks at the orbiting Tiangong space lab. Wang is China's second female astronaut and she will beam the country's first lesson from space to students on Earth.The crew's capsule was ejected from the upper-stage of the rocket about nine minutes after lift-off. Mission controllers clapped enthusiastically once the ship's solar panels had been deployed.
Earlier in the day, Chinese TV carried pictures of President Xi Jinping wishing the crew luck.

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