Father and 2-year-old boy sing Beatles' 'Don't Let Me Down' in viral hit

He may be not quite 2 years old, but little Diogo Mello has the soul of a rock 'n' roller, and a love of the Beatles that must have been with him since birth.
You want proof? Get your cute goggles on: In this video posted by his father, Christian Diego Mello, the little boy sits on a stool, arms clutching a mini guitar, watching his father raptly as daddy begins strumming the opening chords to The Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down." And he's got his cues -- if not every note -- down pat, wailing back: "Don't let me down!" He even manages to fiddle with the guitar in a manner befitting any future rock star.
"All comments are being read and that fills me with happiness and pride," wrote the elder Mello in the comments section of the video, which appears multiple times on YouTube and has now been viewed nearly 300,000 times at its original source. (Mello's words are in Portugese; it's a rough translation.)
It may not be father's day yet, but we've got our nomination for viral video dad of the moment.

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