Pencil Printer - Printer uses pencil instead of ink

pencil-printerThe evolution of equipment is the subject of thousands of research worldwide, scientists and inventors are months and even years seeking new solutions that bring convenience and savings when using any equipment, such as the printer in pencil invented by designer Hoyoung Lee, the "Pencil Printer" which, though strange, generates significant savings.

The device uses ordinary pencil instead of ink. The system basically consists in separating the wood graffiti inside the printer, and then use it to print documents. Another interesting point of the Pencil Printer is that besides printing, it is also able to erase the printed content. Just put a rubber on the inner compartment of the apparatus.
That is, if the text out failed or if the user changes their mind and want to print something else, you can delete the contents and reprint without using a new sheet, very useful and environmentally friendly, no?
The Pencil Printer is not yet being produced for the trade , but if you start to be produced in series, you can modify the technology used by the segment.
Source: Yankodesign

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