Google Glass Teardown:  Oddly SimpleWhile Google's Glass has been on the block for a while, we've yet to see a thorough teardown of the hardware tucked away inside its slender frame. Wait no longer, though, because the folks over at Catwig have now taken the thing apart.
Ultimately—and perhaps unsurprisingly—the thing turns out to be rather simple. Inside the frame are a fairly modest number of flexible printed circuit boards, connecting the core components of the device.

Noteworthy spots? Well, there's a custom Synaptics touchpad on the side which lets the user interact with the hardware, while on the inside a Google X-branded logic board is home to a TI OMAP4430 chip, 16GB of SanDisk flash, and an Elpida mobile DRAM chip.
An entirely non-user-replaceable battery sits behind the ear, marked as having a capacity of 2.1 W—around 570 mAh. Up front, the device's display pack a display with 640x360 pixels—which are about y 1/8th the physical width of those found on the iPhone 5's retina display.
All in, the device is pretty straightforward, though perhaps not very easy to hack, especially given how tight for space the whole thing is. If you want to read more about what lurks inside the device, head over to Catwig. [Catwig]