An App That Seriously Spice Up Your Sex Life

The app, currently awaiting App Store approval, let's you request like-minded partners based on location. You designate your gender and your desired partner's and whether you're willing to host or travel. Nearby potentials pop up and if you both click and say you're interested, you're shown geo-coordinates and can chat. There are no profiles to flip through like Tinder. If your match is unrequited, it disappears.

Although it may be too racy to make it into the App Store (like Bang With Friends, which was ultimately booted), its founders say the app bans nudity and adheres to the iOS terms of service.
It's a service championing sex for the pure joy of the act, explain the two Eastern European founders, who eschew gay or straight labels.
"In our twenties, we realized the traditional monogamy fairytale wasn't really working for us," Sidorenko, the 34-year-old CEO told Mashable. "Monogamy isn't the only way to achieve happiness — we believe it's outdated."
The duo spent the last year between San Francisco, Russia, and Ukraine, bootstrapping until securing $200,000 from Russian angel investors in May. Sex educator and author Carol Queen has since joined the team as an advisor. Now Pure is choosing between headquartering in London or New York.
They'll soon learn if they're accepted in the App Store, and plan to modify the app, if need be, to get in. Concerns over privacy, and whether or not this service is even safe for users may cause it to be denied, which worries Sidorenko. Still, he says he's willing to make whatever changes are needed to get in.
He says the next step after approval is to build users and distribute invites at offline events in New York, starting in the gay community. A slightly NSFW short film aims to get the project exposure on YouTube: