Device That Electrify any ordinary Bicycle !

We often see good ideas and time as we see great ideas! This is the case of this accessory called Rubbee that turns any ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle. It is an engine that can finally convince you to trade your car for a bike, even if only for a few days. The Rubbee Electric is super light and has 800W of power, enough to provide a speed of up to 24 Km / h, all generated by rechargeable batteries.
The equipment complies with alloy wheels and tires 16-29 20mm to 60mm (2.3 "). It weighs 6.5 kg and has a range (without pedaling) of 30km and 20km using average acceleration using throttle.

Suitable for those who like to customize their bikes, Rubbee aims to provide more mobility and excitement to their users. For your installation is not necessary to have notions of electronic or mechanical, as with similar products found in the market, simply fit the piece to your bike and turn the unit on. Remember that conversion kits such as this typically weigh about 10 to 15 kg, while only 6.5 kg is Rubbee
screen_shot_2013-08-21_at_6.44.56_pm The project was successful collective funding on Kickstarter with the support of 214 supporters. According to the developers, the product should go into production in September and its first units will hit the market in November. To leave the paper, each promoter had to contribute about 2.5 billion reais (£ 699).