Electric Poke : If you spend much time on Facebook you ll be shoked

PHD students at MIT have created an accessory that gives a shock to users who spend a lot of time on Facebook. Taking the famous "poke" of social networking to a whole different level. According to the group, Pavlov Poke is in testing and is not expected to leave the university campus.
The equipment is a small Arduino board, connected via USB to the computer, which sends shocks by a keypad of hand rest that must be connected to the keyboard. The gadget is monitoring the online activity of the user and thus it accesses Facebook, and a signal is sent and and so a shock is delivered.

"The shock is not pleasant, but it's not dangerous," explains Daniel McDuff, co-creator of the accessory for Facebook addicts.
According to Robert Morris, one of the creators of the accessory requires a great deal of discussion around the social networking addiction.
He also claims that Dan was the one who took over shocks in the production of the video - you can see below - and explains that it takes all the driving energy for the shock very well configured.
According to comScore, Facebook users spend an average of 400 minutes per month on the site. A study by the University of Chicago suggests that Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than tobacco or alcohol.However, Morris was still disappointed by one thing, especially for those who like the idea: the gadget will not be marketed. That is, the Pavlov Poke remains only as research.
Source: Daily Dot