Flexible LG pad Coming This Year...?

An exec at LG gave a bunch of details today about the company’s plans for the rest of the year and much of 2014, revealing a tablet is in the works and due to be released this year. A smartwatch, that may include previously teased flexible display tech that may act as a direct competitor to Samsung‘s, and larger phablets are also in the queue.  Dimitar Valev is actually an exec from LG Bulgaria and answered question after question for a local paper, dishing up info on LG’s plans for the foreseeable future.
It seems very likely that they’ll be releasing another tablet in 2013, which wouldn’t be a huge surprise, especially since this isn’t the first time that claim has been made. Specifically, we heard it would be called the LG G Pad with specs in line with the LG G2. Valev did everything but confirm the name.

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