India's First Defense Satellite GSAT-7 Successfully Launched

India's first exclusive defense satellite GSAT-7 on Friday successfully launched from French Guiana Space Centre was Kauru. The satellite will improve the quality of the country's maritime surveillance capability. GSAT-7 Ariane 5 rocket from Kauru through the space center was launched into space.   Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Indian Navy by the end of September, will take advantage of it. The satellite is named Rukmini and to prepare a cost of Rs 185 crore. From the equator to mid-September geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers of space will be. Pallava Bagla expert scientific satellite of the original details stating, "GSAT-7 will help the Indian Navy secure communications., Indian territory and maritime boundary will be tracked."

The communication from the army for their specific system demand was getting long, which is now nearing completion.
Pallava Bagla said the satellite would work in its place while stationary. The ship will remain in its scope, it will continue its contacts. Navy in the Indian Ocean will facilitate secure communication with its various organs. Satellite and out of it as well as it will reduce India's dependence on technology, the Navy will help to maintain your privacy. So far this technique only the USA, Russia, France, Britain and China possessed.
India is the sixth country. Has joined the group. It was built at a cost of 185 million. The launch has come at the cost of 470 million. The satellite, weighing over two thousand fifty kilograms. Technology used in its construction have been developed in India. The communications satellite from its geopolitical interests of India and the Indian Ocean to protect the safety of