World's thinnest smartphone, or a "knife"?

Produced by the Chinese company BBK - Asian, they always - the device should count on a 5-inch screen Full HD, the official announcement should be made this month.The Chinese BBK is about to officially announce the X3 Live, "the thinnest smartphone in the The World." At only 5.6mm thick, the gadget should have a 5-inch display 1080p (Full HD), a quad-core also intends to integrate hardware "gadget".

In photos published by MTK site, the X3 Live posing as a knife.
He allegedly cut a cucumber, a cob of corn and an eggplant. Of course it is all a joke, hahaha - that works very well also as a marketing strategy: how thin this smartphone really is!!
Details about the other pieces of hardware and software configurations were not, so far, released.
Live x3 world's thinnest
Live x3 world's thinnest 1

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