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WORLD'S most Unique and Expencive Rolls-Royce is in Kanpur India!

In 2006 a team of foreign nationals Kanpur suddenly one day, Tariq Ibrahim arrived at the villa. Tariq Ibrahim suddenly at his home were not surprised to see so many foreigners.Old car-loving American and European civil Frequently Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce cars made their home in 1913 year to keep coming.
But the idea turned out to be wrong. All these people were senior officers of the Rolls-Royce company. He did not see the car they buy. Rolls-Royce showroom in Mumbai wanted to open its first in India. Tariq Ibrahim in the car to show the showroom was chosen.
He kept the front of Tariq Ibrahim. Tariq Ibrahim against his Rolls Royce cars of any model could have a new car and the four crore. But Tariq Ibrahim rejected the offer. He said, "The thing that is the only one of its kind in the world, the cost estimate is how?"
It is believed that only the Silver Ghost Limousine car of its kind left in the world. Tariq Ibrahim chartered accountant by profession, on January 24 this year, your car's 100th birthday celebrated with much fanfare.
Rolls-Royce factory on January 24, 1913 as the car came out. The car engineer living in Salisbury, England Hores Pounङ bought in 1335 by F. Parsl. Tariq Ibrahim reach the car and still be in existence is no less interesting story.

Not only the car chassis

Eight more people than Parsl adopted limousine bodywork.
But the years of the first world war broke out in 1914. British forces Parsl car out in all eight other Silver Ghost limousine and armored vehicles have taken but all vehicles used by the German army in the war were destroyed in the attack. Parsl the car and survived the British Army and was assigned the task of laying the railway line Parsl enough for the job, had to move. Tariq Ibrahim says, "Today if I had a 1913 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Parsl and then the credit goes to the engineer." A year after the end of World War Parsl contractor friend A. Stewart sold his car. A. Stewart, Sir John Anderson sold the car in 1920 year. Year in 1925, the car reached near Sandy Major NGO.

How did Kanpur Car? 

After a car Halim gave as a gift to his son Bashir SM. Bashir studied at the London School of Economics. Years after completing studies in 1935 when she returned home with the car came to Kanpur.
Tariq Ibrahim says, "The year 1935 is the car our family. Been used quite a few years of this car, but - as time passed other vehicles were purchased and run-off Silver Ghost has been stated. "
Nearly 10 years ago Tariq Ibrahim thought of repairing the car, but the car had become so filthy. Jonathan Harley around 2003-04, he met one of the UK's two Rolls-Royce Automobile repair business used to come to Delhi. Jonathan Harley numbered them - from people who choose to repair the old Silver Ghost.
Harley Anthujiast Rolls Royce limousine Ibrahim told the club's documents by checking the chassis number is 2286, is the oldest limousine car. Rolls Royce cars Anthujiast club members to gather information about the smallest.
Rolls-Royce began to recover after the long journey. Jonathan Harley Kanpur come twice a year and 15 days of stopping to fix his car. Parts of the car used to go to England to buy Tariq Ibrahim.

Difficult to repair

"My car had a rim made ​​of wood had been eaten by ants., I find a new rim but he did not."
According to Tariq Ibrhaim Vehicle Parts mobilization is an enormous task.
She says, "My car had a rim made of wood had been eaten by ants. Slowly but she could not find a new rim. Then I thought, but I do get a rim with an artisan craftsman had to show that she was the first RIM could copy. showed me that one person London 1913 Silver Ghost rim of a sentence are placed in your drawing room. enough begging after he gave me the rim. " But Ibrahim had little trouble. Artisan rim to rim hard work and no one was willing to make. An old artisan in Jajmau in Kanpur barely got ready to make the rim.
Ibrahim says, "Today my car is just fine., You can go anywhere in the world." Asked how much money it cost to fix the car, then they are silent. After a while Tariq Ibrahim says, "This is my hobby and passion., I would say that my entire deposit only - capital got it." Tariq Ibrahim cites an example, "when my car was built at the Rolls-Royce did not Mblm. Mblm trains looked after. Mblm the cost of only a half million bucks."
Tariq Ibrahim country in the last 3-4 years has taken part in the vintage car rallies. But they do not take part in rallies because their car gets the prize.
 via: BBC

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