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Zip Your Headphones : No More mess

 You may not realise but deep inside every pocket and every handbag lives the spaghetti fairy! She loves nothing more than making everything tangled, twined, twisted and even kerfuddled in to one great big mess. So after years of trying to unloop and pull this bit through that, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. We have been blessed with the amazing Zip Headphones – such a simple idea that prevents knotting and earphone frustration. Not only do they not tangle in your pockets, they are also tailored to fit. Simply zip them up whilst wearing them and hey presto, no loose cord aimlessly swinging around!You’ll be pleased to know that this time saving device doesn’t come at the expense of reduced  sound quality either as the Zip Headphones give out a whopping 105dB (close to the sound level of a jack hammer!) right into your earholes, whilst the two sized silicone tips give a comfortable custom fit.

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