Control Your Smartfone from your 3.5 Audio Jack: An Amazing Device

Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button. Pressy is a tiny physical button that connects to your phone through the headphone jack. Without Pressy, if you just want to turn your flashlight ON you need to: Wake your screen than Unlock it than Exit your current running app thanS earch for the app you want to use than  Launch it and than  And finally, perform your desired Action.  

This “simple” process requires 5-7 different Actions and takes more than 8 seconds! Additionally, you must maintain eye contact with your screen throughout the entire process. Don't believe us? try and beat that time yourself! Pressy comes with three awesome, out-of-the box default actions so you can immediately start having fun with it, even if you aren't a tech-geek like us!
• One short Click to toggle your flashlight
• One long Click to toggle your phone in and out of silent mode
• Double-Click to snap a photo
 Just plug in Pressy, download the free app and start clicking!

But what if you want to perform an action quickly and without having to deal with or look at the device?
Connecting the Pressy Button with the free Pressy app lets you easily customize and use your favorite, everyday actions. For example, if you use your flashlight on regular basis, set a Click-combination the app for turning on your flashlight and start clicking the Button!
Getting started using Pressy couldn’t be any easier. Plug the Pressy Button to the headphone jack, download the free app, and you’re good to go. Click the Pressy button and see your phone’s flashlight turn on. Click it again and it turns off. As simple as that.
Pressy comes with 3 pre-set Actions, but once you get the hang of things you can customize clicking behavior and trigger dozens of different actions.
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