Here's an Intel Chip That Uses Wine for Power

Intel researchers have developed a system that uses wine to power a microprocessor. In a recent demonstration of the new technology, Intel researcher Genevieve Bell poured red wine into a glass containing circuitry on two metal boards. Once the red wine hit the metal, the microprocessor on a circuit board powered up and ran a graphics program on a computer with an e-ink display. The demonstration aimed to show Intel's progress in developing low-power chips.
Researchers at Intel's "New Devices" group also are experimenting with a range of other products, including embedded devices with sensors, smartwatches, and eyewear. Future computing devices will be able to understand human behavior through data gathered by embedded sensors and other wearable technology, according to Bell. For example, data gathered from sensors and mobile devices could help a remote food kiosk anticipate what a customer would likely order. "Mobility isn't just about the devices, but the places we visit, and also what we will do while we're there," Bell says.