New Android Version's Name Will Be KIT-KAT

The next version of Google's Android mobile operating system name will be the name of Nestle's famous chocolate Kitkat.This name is shocking because the Google Android operating system version 4.4 was indicated by the name 'Key Lime Pie' can be. Market in the world, Nestle and click the Google both extremely surprised everyone with this step. Google told the BBC that none of the two sides - is not giving money to each other.Android Global Partnership Langrling John told the BBC, "The Deal bargaining or to do with money - do not pay." According to him, it only "step is intended to be fun and unexpected."

However, branding experts say that such deals are also their disadvantages. Consultancy firm Profet partner Simon Myers says, "If your brand is associated with a different brand it with the good with the bad things he adds." Myers says, "with the brand, if you have added your brand with her curves so it can not be thought that the effect on your brand will not."Nestle earlier modalities have been struck by criticism, especially the way Nestle milk powder sold to children in developing countries.
Nestle USA recently went back to the dog food market because that was the focus of the outbreak. 
Even though Google's practices are not exempt from criticism. The U.S. government recently came across a report that Android phone to hit the highest number of the software. From 2009 to click the Google and its partners around the world to make mobile version of the Android operating system are named on a comestible. It was the first version: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo (Frozen Yogurt), Ginger Bread, Hnikomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Initially the new version of Google's internal messages' Keelpi "was called for. Android Global Partnership said John Langrling last year, its new version the name of his company decided to take on the famous chocolate. Langrling said, "We felt that many people in the world have eaten Key Lime Pie.'s Where our coding Kitkat chocolate things there is food in the fridge."
Langrling said: "One night a sudden Kitkat why did not you put the name of the new version. Till that time we did not know how the company has fact the name Kitkat. At that point did Nestlé's."Langrling London advertising agency to hold the office of Nestle ads on landline phone and told her. The next day came and he called Nestle committed within 24 hours. Patrice calling Nestle's marketing chief, told the BBC, "We just took her an hour to decide on this matter." Calling jokingly says, "If it turns out to be very bad and persistent operating system to crash so I would have lost jobs." If she continues to be serious, "When you talk about your brand to a whole new way to search for it, there is a danger than usual. Swimming pool in the same way that you do it - assuming 10 round dial Cold water will be heated, but to really jump so be it. "
Under this form of Android Nestle Kitkat five million times worldwide, India, Russia, USA, will descend in 19 countries including the UK. Despite all the preparations for both companies no longer have to tell this to anyone. Even Google employees made aware of this came when the Kitkat's California office was inaugurated in the Android mark.