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Samsung's Smart Watch in Market

The world's largest smartphone maker Samsung's much-awaited Smartwatch  has finally revealed to the world. This wrist watch is a color screen which can show all kinds of alerts that can be used for voice calls and can also run apps. Worldwide tech lovers' click Galaxy gear's been waiting for a long time. Samsung Smart Watch while maintaining its edge in the race, Microsoft, Apple and Google in the market took off his watch is left behind. Samsung said the clock "fashion icon," said. However, experts say that this watch the clock Samsung Galaxy series Android phone and tablet limited to only put limited to its appeal is turned on.

Samsung has said that the pace of decline in smartphone sales since its investors want to see any other product that was not invoked. Brlinn famous Aiafa displayed in consumer tech show in the watch market will be available from 25 September.Davies Murphy Group in the field of technology, the company's chief technical expert Chris Green said, "The consumer may be a little disappointed because it associated only with Samsung's smartphones and tablets would work. People it's the expect equipment will be completely free. "
In comparison, Sony's soon to come to any firm Smartvoc 2 Android 4.0 or above operating system will be integrated with the phones.
The technical advisory company Gartner says Carolina Milanesi, "Samsung's move should not surprise anyone that are trying to make their world, then why do they increase the ability of someone else's product."
Samsung's Smart Watch U.S. $ 300 or equivalent to around 20 thousand rupees, while Sony's watch will cost around Rs 12,500.
In addition to these two Ornet name of the Smart Watch is a new company which would cost him almost equal to Samsung will take a 3G SIM card. This means that Ornet through which the call will also be a free Skegin equipment.

Technical Specialties

The clock is four centimeters Galaxy LED display, 1.9 megapixel camera, speakers and microphone are too. Inside the clock with four GB internal memory and its battery can not be removed. Its battery will last nearly all day long.
Samsung says that the clock via phone call from within the pocket or bag will not have to leave.

Technology and market analysts say that neither Samsung nor any Krantikari Sony's smart Watch Watch mainstream smart device that will make the instrument Initially the clock time in 10 and 70 Apps option will be available. Technical advisory company Gartner says the computer equipment that can be worn like Google Glass Click or ten billion dollar market for the year 2016 will be more than 67 billion rupees. Technical advice Canalis A second company estimates that in 2014, 50 million Smart Watch is expected to be sold. The truth is that the concrete way in the world anyone know how to have the right to demand that such watches.Technology and market analysts say that neither Samsung nor any Krantikari Watch Sony's smart device will make the Smart Watch mainstream instruments. The whole Rotsman Forestr market research firm says, "You watch the few that will work much better than a phone can do." But all that may add further to prove them all wrong as she Samsung did with the Galaxy Note. Note first of all had five-inch phone fails. 

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