when 16 year old girl become Minister

Palestine  daily newspaper "Al Kudus' reports that Othamn Bshaar  became Minister for one day  for the establishment of local administration in Flstini government authority. in his capacity she admitted the local issues  in front of head of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon .The report states that the Department of Local Administration Minister Abdullah - Al - Bashir Othamn Kavni given on the occasion of his birthday. According to the newspaper Ellar Othamn area their home for two months last year, the mayor of the municipality has worked as a minister and perhaps the responsibility entrusted to them. Minister Abdullah - Al - Kavni quoted as saying, "The best examples of these experiences and they are role models for youth Flstini. Nibaa I want the youth to face big responsibilities.
"Bshaar also runs a forum for youth. He told reporters, "The participation of youth in nation building Flstini I will keep working."
According to reports, the UN Secretary General in his letter dated Flstini he has complained about the difficulties faced by the people. Bshaar Othamn a local refugee camp close to the Ban Ki-moon's recent decision to withdraw Israel has asked to press.