LG is mass-producing batteries that can curve, bend, and get wet

Why have a curved battery? Good question, and fortunately, the answer makes a lot of sense. Basically, we've got an awful lot of tech coming down with pipe with things like curved screens, not to mention designs that are actually flexible, like some forthcoming e-readers and watches and such. Having a curved battery is a necessity for this sort of tech, which is why LG Chem will be mass-producing them next month. And that's the big news here: we're not talking about something that's buried in an underground lab somewhere, or even a prototype: these batteries are going into production, which means they'll be immediately available for integration into the next generation of devices.

LG has also created a type of cable battery for devices that can bend, be worn, be tied in a knot and be submerged in water. All these new batteries won’t be found on drug store shelves next to Duracells, but they will offer greater range when creating new technologies. When an inventor doesn’t need to worry about a traditional battery space, the possibilities grow exponentially.
Via Engadget

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