The interactive chopping board Tablet

Bringing smartphones and tablets into the kitchen can be just as helpful as having your own sous chef. You can use them to cross reference recipes, look up cooking terms and convert ingredient measurements. What’s not so helpful is always having clean up before interacting with the device, to say nothing of dropping it in that simmering pot of Bolognese sauce.
That’s why Sharp rewarded Siobhan Andrews with a two-month internship for her winning entry into the #GetItDownOnPaper design competition. Andrews whipped up the Chop-Syc, a high-tech chopping board prototype embedded with a touch-screen LCD tablet reinforced with special glass that can withstand knives, food and liquid.

Besides on-screen circles for measuring spaghetti noodles, the Chop-Syc features a built-in scale for weighing and measuring ingredients and a browser that can remember recipes. The cutting board is enabled with Wi-Fi, allowing users to connect to the Internet, and sits on a charging mat.

While there’s no word yet if and when the Chop-Syc will come to market, I’d say the chances are pretty good it eventually will — the idea is just too great and simple. However, I might suggest a slight name change; one measly letter, actually. No one wants to hear the word “sick” associated with food and cooking. Unfortunately, that’s what I hear when I say “Chop-Syc.” Why not add an ‘n’ so it’s “Chop-Sync.” Plus, you can’t beat the techie-kitchen “sink” double meaning.
via CNET

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