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Google working on ROBOTS on Massive lavel

In the past six months, Google has acquired seven robot makers to develop new products has also started hiring employees. A Google spokesman said that the Android operating system, Google's Andy Rubin, who was head of production are leading to new initiatives. However, Google has not yet explained how he will develop the robot. 'New York Times' newspaper, according to a report that Google currently is working on the robots, they do not sell it yet.The newspaper says that Google's self - driving the car, working on the robots to be used in order to help home delivery of goods.
According to the New York Times recently Google in San Francisco and San Jose click 'Google Shopping Express home delivery of groceries in the name of the service is launched. "It is clear that the personal robot market launch day techniques are very close."

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar, University of Edinburgh The future of the Amazon "Prime Air" can be challenging projects through the drone is looking at the possibility of delivering goods to consumers. Although Google does not own until about the project until the project is difficult to get precise information. Edinburgh University's Robotics Lab Department Director Professor Sethu Vijayakumar says, "It is clear that the personal robot and other related technologies are very close to the day of entry into the market." e said, "So far in the direction of robot motion and sensing systems create the technology has advanced considerably. Longer mainstream companies like Google are ready for the challenge. This powerful software integration, standardization and quickly design Madyulr bound to arise. " Google making robots that look like humans have appointed a team of Japanese company.
Robotics research project of the company's largest Paulo Alto, California and will have an office in Japan. clicking Japan is far ahead in the field of robotics.
Speaking to the New York Times, Google's Andy Rubin says robots are led, for the implementation of Google's ten-year plan. "
He said, "I think that click robotics significant potential. " He says, "We are hardware, software are made., We are creating a system so that the team can understand the whole process orderly fashion."
Google's efforts in these areas to have been acquired companies. The companies have been acquired by Google, are: Located in San Francisco, USA Otofsः company through robots is working on plans to create ads. It worked for some of Google's advertising campaign.
It is a subsidiary of Doliः and Otofs bots, robots and the precise speed is specializing in film production.


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