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NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan leaks, could cost a grand NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 690 currently wears the world's-fastest-graphics crown by cramming two Kepler GPUs onto one board. When it comes to improving on that, some leaked European retailer listings suggest NVIDIA might wait on a completely next-gen architecture, but may instead try to deliver similar performance through a less power-hungry single GPU design . The listings, gathered together by TechPowerUp and VideoCardz, point towards a pricey new flagship, the GeForce GTX Titan , that would be a graphics-focused adaptation of the beefy Tesla K20 computing card. It'd pack 2,688 shader units, a 384-bit memory bus and 6GB of RAM , all on one chip -- for reference, the GTX 690 needs two cores to offer 3,072 shader units and 4GB of RAM. There's no confirmed unveiling date, and then primary leak on a Danish site has actually been pulled, but ASUS and EVGA are rumored to be launching their own GTX Titan var

Facebook designs all its own servers

Nearly two years ago, Facebook unveiled what it called the Open Compute Project. The idea was to share designs for data center hardware like servers, storage, and racks so that companies could build their own equipment instead of relying on the narrow options provided by hardware vendors. While anyone could benefit, Facebook led the way in deploying the custom-made hardware in its own data
Would You Really Want to Wear the iWatch?   Everywhere tech fans turn lately, they’ve been hearing rumors about Apple’s plan to launch a smartwatch that could eventually be known as iWatch . That device, the reports say, is being handled by a team of more than 100 people charged with getting the company’s wearable tech to the marketplace. As with other Apple rumors, the iWatch is exciting the company’s fans. Surely Apple has something great up its sleeve with the watch, those fans might say. Others are already predicting that they’ll buy one and wear it each day, and before long, just about everyone else will, too. The iWatch has somehow joined the pantheon of Apple greats, like the iPod and iPhone, before it’s even launched. [Image concept by ADR Studio ] But perhaps we need to come back down to reality. Apple’s iWatch idea is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long time. And I, for one, wouldn’t be caught in public wearing the company’s
WhatsApp gets a cool new look with the update APK T his uplift has been long overdue and finally our favourite cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp is looking spanking new and up to Ice Cream Sandwich levels. The app’s old, overused user interface was probably the only drawback of the app, making it look like a coincidental clone of its iOS version. Well, better late than never. WhatsApp has released the new version APK on its website, bringing the sleek looking interface that conforms to the Holo guidelines phones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up sport. The fonts look better than before and the over the top colour scheme is much more toned down with this update. Subtle colours for the app and the speech bubbles are what make this new UI look really exciting. Your smiley drawer has shifted homes and can be found to the left of your text line. Image previews too are now larger and the image window itself looks non-intrusive. We took the brilliant ne
If you jailbreak Pebble watch pulls all notifications from the iPhone The Pebble already does a good job of pulling notifications from stock iOS apps to your wrist, including SMS, email previews and calendar appointments. But if you want a broader range of alerts from third-party apps -- say, Google+ -- then you're basically stuck. Unless, it seems, you're prepared to jailbreak your iPhone. Developer Conrad Kramer recently tweeted to say that his "BTNotificationEnabler" tool is available on Cydia, and that it allows every single arrival in your Notification Center to be sent to a Pebble or other compatible Bluetooth device. It's unlikely to induce many smartwatch owners to liberate their phones, even with the relatively easy and untethered evasi0n hack now available, but at least we have one more bullet point the next time someone asks "why jailbreak?"
Android 4.2.2 kills the Nexus 4’s unofficial LTE support Nexus 4 users are finally beginning to receive their Android 4.2.2 update, about 48 hours after it was first spotted on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 devices. Users of LG and Google's latest Nexus handset may find themselves losing a desirable feature, though—AnandTech reports that an update to the phone's baseband software included in Android 4.2.2 appears to completely disable its partial, unofficial LTE support. While LTE was never an advertised feature of the Nexus 4, the phone's internal similarities to LG's LTE-capable Optimus G handset extended to its Qualcomm-supplied WTR1605L LTE chip, which is sold in a package with the particular Snapdragon SoC used in both phones. Shortly after the phone's release, tinkering by AnandTech and some XDA Developers forum users found that by digging into Android's hidden settings, partial LTE support could in fact be e

Harlem Shake @ Facebook

Facebook Employees Do The “Harlem Shake” Multiple Facebook employees just shared this clip of a bunch of Facebookers doing the “Harlem Shake” dance at their HQ. Supposedly some of the Instagram team and COO Sheryl Sandberg  participated, but I can’t spot them (Oh, but please try your best to). I wonder if Zuck is the Smiley Face lemon balloon guy ..? Of course this made our team jealous. “Just as with ‘Shit Tech Reporters Say,’ ‘Call Me Maybe,’ and ‘Gangnam Style,’ TechCrunch was slow on the draw to produce its own gag-inducing meme-following viral video,” Ryan Lawler sullenly remarked, “Let’s change that next time, people!” If you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is, you should a) befriend more people with the access and desire to use the Internet b) read this simple Buzzfeed guide on how to replicate the phenomenon. Here’s the video that started it all, via “Know Your Meme.”
  BBC Sport launches free international iPhone and iPod touch app Following on from the recent UK launch, BBC Sport has released a free mobile application for iPhone and iPod touch devices for international users. The customisable app provides football transfer news, along with live text coverage of many different sports. Other features, including video, will be introduced soon; as will a version for Android. The app's football live scores section allows you to follow the action, whether you're at the match, or out and about. For football, it provides a league-by-league overview of the latest scores and goalscorers at a glance, with dedicated match pages for more in-depth information, bringing together starting line-ups, match stats, live text commentary and the post-match report. The fixtures and results section has been developed to help you keep on top of all the major UK and international football competitions simply by selecting any day in the season from
The Bluetooth Shower Speaker.   This is the shower speaker that wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The speaker connects wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad, or Android-powered device, allowing you to listen to your personal music collection or stream music from apps. The built-in LED screen shows the current time and the control panel on the front of the speaker allows you to scroll through music tracks, pause or play music, and adjust the volume.  The water-resistant speaker can be hung around a shower head, set up on a ledge with its integrated stand, or attached to a wall with the included, removable adhesive strip and mount. Requires three AA batteries that provide up to 15 hours of power. 6" L x 4" W x 1" D. (3/4 lbs.) You can purchase it from Here .
LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV ships in Korea next week   We saw all the 2013 HDTVs debut last month at CES and the first few new models are starting to reach shelves. One of the more interesting sets arriving is LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV, the first of its kind at this large size. Shipments are starting Monday for the 11 million won ($10k~) television, and according to a press release, LG has notched about 100 pre-orders so far in its home country. For comparison, LG announced it sold 300 of its 84-inch, $20k Ultra HDTV in Korea as of last month. LG also mentioned it plans to sell as many as 15 percent more HDTVs in 2013 than it did in 2012, as it continues to push its Smart and 3D features. We're still waiting for Samsung to release its own OLED HDTVs, while this one is still slated to ship in the US in March for $11,999.
Quad-core Micromax A116 Canvas HD available now in India for $260 (Rs.13,990)    M icromax has announced the launch of online sales for their first quad-core smartphone, the A116 Canvas HD. At the time of the launch, the A116 was expected to be priced under Rs 15,000 and Micromax has met that mark. The A116 Canvas HD is priced at Rs 13,990 on the company's official website . The phone will be currently sold exclusively online with a delivery timeline of 5-7 working days starting tomorrow. The company has not revealed when the handset will be available at stores or other online retailers. The Micromax A116 Canvas HD The smartphone is powered by a MediaTek MT6589 1.2GHz quad core processor. It is one of the most power efficient chips in the market since it is manufactured using a 28nm process. The phone also has a PowerVR Series5XT GPU and has 1GB of RAM. The CPU and GPU are more than enough to perform everyday tasks smoothly and to run HD games. The A116 Canvas HD boo
Xbox 720 rumors: 500GB storage, Kinect not optional   As the countdown ticks to the unveiling of the next-gen Xbox console, rumors, leaks and reports continue to storm in. Popular gaming site Kotaku is now reporting that every single unit of the new Xbox console codenamed Durango, will ship with an updated and improved version of Kinect . The motion sensing hardware will not be an optional accessory, as it currently is for Xbox 360, according to one of its sources going by the name SuperDaE. Moreover, the source claims to have reportedly obtained two Xbox 720 development kits along with system overview documents, which detail the specifications of Microsoft's yet-to-be-announced next-generation platform. SuperDaE's information is a result of "what appears to be more than 20 white papers". Currently rumoured to be known as the "Kinect V2", it could support four-player full-body tracking and allow gamers to sit down while playing.
The Bluetooth Clock Radio.   This is the clock radio that connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device and plays music from a personal collection. The clock radio pairs wirelessly with an iPhone, iPad, Android-powered device, or computer, enabling you to listen to your music catalog without tethering the device to the radio. The unit has two, full range stereo speakers, a digital FM tuner, snooze, and a gradual wake function that gently increases the alarm volume. The clock radio has two alarm settings that accommodate people with different morning schedules, and it has a crisp LCD that shows the current time and date. 8 3/4" W x 3" D x 3" H. (1 1/4 lbs.) You can Purchase it from . .  
The Adapter Accommodating Power Strip.   This is the power strip that can be twisted into many shapes, ensuring that even the bulkiest adapters and plugs won't encroach over open outlets. Each of the six outlets on this power strip can pivot left or right to provide enough clear space for even awkwardly sized components such as battery-recharging packs and DC adapters. The strip can be twisted into a zigzag, or it can encircle a table leg to hold it in place for the regular plugging and unplugging of components. The built-in surge protector absorbs power spikes up to 672 joules, with an easy-to-reach reset/power button. Six-foot cord plugs into AC. 1 1/2" H x 2" W x 16 1/2" L. (2 lbs.) You can Purchase this amazing product online from -
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with LTE gets gussied up in Garnet Red  Samsung's just pulled back the curtains on yet another device clad in a shade of Garnet Red: the Galaxy Note 10.1 with LTE. According to the electronics giant, it's positioning the dark cardinal-colored tablet as perfect material for Valentine's Day, and thinks the device will particularly strike the fancy of the fairer sex. Come February 14th, the freshly minted tablets will be available for three carriers in South Korea, while a rolling release is penciled in for other markets across the globe.
LG reveals 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro design with curved glass  Clearly, a lot of us wanted LG to reveal the design of the 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro as quickly as possible: just a day after a teaser, we're looking at the complete picture. And it's quite a looker, by all counts. While it has the familiar digital cube pattern on the back, it's also using curved glass in black or white, which LG says produces a "2.5D" effect. Those other details that LG is willing to divulge are largely what we expected based on the Japanese edition, including a full HD (1080p) display and a quad-core processor that's likely the Snapdragon S4 Pro.  LG expects the larger G Pro to launch in late February, although it didn't say whether or not this is limited to South Korea; based on the timing, though, we might get a peek at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 
Smartphones: Can't afford the real deal, buy a clone   W hen a high-end smartphone is launched, the 'Chinese phones market' immediately sees a rip-off of the device at a much lower price. Though these devices are often mocked and made fun of, some of them aren't really a bad choice for those who cannot afford a high-end device but wish to own one. Though the ‘Made in China’ tag makes us wary, recently, we saw how some Chinese handsets have been wowing us and now we bring to you a list of high-end device clones. These aren’t merely just clones of a high-end smartphone; they also offer decent and at times even better features than the original smartphone. Owing to their popularity, many companies making these clones, have now started manufacturing their own devices and are even applying for patents. So the next time you see a look-alike don't fight the urge to give it a whirl.       Apple iPhone Buying an Apple device means taking the strings off
Meridian Explorer combines headphone amp, portable DAC   Feel that? If you're an audio purist, the sensation of your wallet tingling is probably a familiar experience. This time, you have Meridian to thank, which is aiming to help you get the most from your nice headphones. The company just debuted the Explorer: a portable, USB-powered DAC and headphone amplifier that's priced at $299. Like all external DACs, the unit promises better sound quality than typical onboard solutions can deliver, and as a high-end touch, the Explorer offers asynchronous USB audio for greater timing  precision and reduced jitter. Alongside the 3.5mm amplified headphone output, you'll also find another 3.5mm jack that supports both analog and mini Toslink connections.  Each Explorer is built in the UK and measures approximately 4.0 x 1.25 x 0.7 inches. Perhaps most importantly, though, its design doesn't reek of something that was cobbled together in the garage.
Gigabyte P2742G gaming laptop goes up for sale in UK   Gigabyte unleashed the beast today with a 17.3-inch gaming laptop that's named, awkwardly enough, the P2742G. The system combines a quad-core Core i7 CPU and a GeForce GTX 660M GPU with Windows 8 and a 1080p display. First announced last fall, the P2742G is now available from £909 in the UK via retailers such as Amazon. Likewise, we've spotted similar pre-order prices for US markets in the  neighborhood of $1,450. The laptop boasts two storage bays with RAID array support, an optional Blu-ray combo drive and THX TruStudio Pro enhancements.  You'll also find a 2-megapixel webcam in the mix, but your color choices are limited to either orange or black. That said, if you're able to grab both, you'll be well-coordinated for when Halloween comes around. In the meantime, you'll find the full spec sheet at the source link. PRESS RELEASE GIGABYTE Launches P2742G 17&qu
Android 4.2.2 brings Bluetooth audio fixes to Nexus phones and tablets  If you're an Android user and you like minor, bug-fixing software updates, you don't have to be jealous of the iPhone 4S and iOS 6.1.1 anymore: Android 4.2.2 is here, and true to form Google is beginning to roll it out to its Nexus devices first. Reddit user WeeManFoo appears to have been one of the first to notice the update's availability on the (non-Verizon) Galaxy Nexus, and it also appears to be trickling out to some Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablet users. There's no word, on Reddit or otherwise, about the Nexus 4 just yet, though it's almost certainly just a matter of time. The first update since Android 4.2.1 in late November, Android 4.2.2 appears to contain only minor fixes befitting the small version bump. Primarily, it helps to resolve an issue where audio streamed over Bluetooth would "skip" or hiccup. WeeManFoo reports that Bluetooth streaming "works
Nokia announces Asha 310, offers dual SIM and WiFi   After being deemed smartphone worthy back in September last year, the S40 platform has just gained another member with the $102 Nokia Asha 310. The follow-up to the Asha 308 and 309, the latest handset rocks a 3-inch 400 x 240 capacitive touchscreen and touts support for a pair of SIMs along with WiFi -- the very first such device to come out of Espoo. Other specs include easy swap functionality, 128MB internal storage expandable up to 32GB, Nokia's Xpress Browser, a 2-megapixel camera and Nokia Maps navigation. Alas there's no 3G, but WiFi should at least come in handy to download the 40 free EA games on offer. No word on stateside availability just yet, but expect it to land in emerging markets in the Q1 of this year.   Press Release   "New Asha Touch smartphone helps consumers connect, discover and enjoy more online Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced the Nokia Asha 310, a new Dual SI
Swipe, MTV launch 6-inch MTV Volt in India for Rs 12,999   C alifornia-based Swipe Telecom that released a range of Android tablet PCs in India recently has announced a tie-up with MTV to launch its first co-branded ‘Fablet’ called MTV Volt, priced at Rs 12,999. Short for ‘fabulous tablet,’ the 6-inch device will be the first Fablet to feature an in-built TV-player that will offer on-the-go access to MTV. The company says that the Fablet is a portable TV as well as an Android tablet. It has Wi-Fi, dual cameras and GPS functionality. Weighing only 239 grams, MTV Volt sports a white velvet body and textured back for better use, and comfortable handling. The Fablet also comes with in-built apps that allow you to network on Facebook, LinkedIn and allows you to download videos. The MTV Volt is equipped with a 1GHz, dual-core processor based on ARM Cortex. The processor is backed with 512MB of RAM. The MTV Volt Fablet is available for Rs 12,999 The Fablet runs Andro