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Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Karbonn S1 I n a developing and price-sensitive market like India, not everyone can afford a high-end smartphone. Indian phone makers like Micromax and Karbonn are trying to bridge this gap by offering affordable smartphones with high-end features. Both Micromax and Karbonn are competing in this space with their first quad core smartphones showcasing desirable features and price tags under 15K. Let’s take a close look at the devices to know which one fares better. Karbonn's S1 Titanium is up for pre-order and will hit store shelves some time next month while the A116 HD is also expected to release in February. So, please note, this comparison is based puerly on the specs on paper. Expect full-fledged reviews as soon as we get our hands on the devices and a follow up comparison later on. Micromax A116 Canvas HD – Rs. 14,999 This is the first budget quad-core phone announced for the Indian audiences. However, its highlights aren’t
Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S3 leaked  S amsung Galaxy S3 owners may not have to wait long for Android 4.2.1 to make it to their devices. A pre-release version of the 4.2.1 firmware (I9300XXUFMB3) for the Galaxy S3 has been leaked, hinting that the official release is not far behind. This is really good news for S3 owners as a lot of other smartphones are still awaiting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean . The release will put the Galaxy S3 just one update behind the latest Android version. As expected, it brings a lot of goodies to the device, and Samsung has infused its Nature UX with many of the OS's components. For one, the notification drawer now has many more toggles, which can be accessed by a two-finger swipe down. The toggles in the regular notification drawer have not been dropped though, which might leave users slightly confused. However, you can totally customise the toggles in the drawer to avoid overlaps. The secondary notification drawer has a
LG Optimus G available online in India for Rs 30,990($575) C an’t wait for  LG's February 27 event , where the company may announce the Optimus G for India? Well, you can get ahead in the queue by ordering the smartphone now: an online retailer has put the phone  up for grabs at Rs 30,990 , and is promising a delivery time of three days. That is an amazing price point for a device featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor and a 4.7-inch 720p display. 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ touchscreen with a 1280 × 768 resolution (15:9 aspect ratio)The Snapdragon S4 Pro processor has four cores clocked at 1.5GHz and is widely regarded as one of the fastest smartphone CPUs available at the moment. The Optimus G also comes with 2GB of RAM.  Besides that top-of-the-line processor, LG has infused the 4.7-inch True HD-IPS + LCD capacitive touchscreen with Zerogap Touch technology, which makes the entire phone thinner and puts the interface closer to the user’s fingers. The
Google reportedly to launch free unlimited music streaming service Google is looking into creating its own music streaming service, according to the folks over at the Financial Times. The service would offer free unlimited streaming, and would be in direct competition with similar services, such as Spotify. The service would be supported by ads, but word has it that an ad-free subscription version might also be available. Google already offers its own music download store in the United States and various locations across Europe, and so the launch of its own streaming service would give it a leg up on its competitors, including Apple and Amazon, neither of which offer a streaming service. No information about what the subscription rates could be was provided. According to the Times, Google is currently in talks with “big” music labels about the service. Such an endeavor will allow it to diversify its income, which presently comes primarily from advertising.
Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 pictures leaked On Monday, we reported on the Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720, respectively known as the Fame and Zeal. They both appeared in log files over at AdDuplex and in earlier leaks, with the information being tweeted by Alan Mendelevich, who reported on seeing some additional Nokia devices earlier today. Now the ever-faithful @EVLeaks has released two images purported to be of the Lumia 520 and 720, which you can see after the jump. The image featured above is said to be the Lumia 720, the number of which you can see in the upper-right hand corner of the pictured device. According to past leaks, the handset is said to feature a large 4.3-inch display, as well as a 1GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM. Users will have a decent 8GB of internal storage space, as well as a 6-megapixel camera on the back and a 2-megapixel camera on the front. This second picture is said to be of the Lumia 520; as with the other image, y
MY IDkey, A secure biometric Bluetooth/USB drive that also manages passwords A product called myIDkey is currently available on Kickstarter seeking the funding it needs to come to market. The people behind the project need $150,000 to bring the device to market and with 28 days to go the project has raised over $113,000. The device i will s a voice-activated fingerprint secure Bluetooth/USB drive that can display passwords and personal information online. The device is designed to be an easy-to-use, yet secure, password manager. A product like this is needed for many users who have a myriad of passwords, account numbers, and screen names they need to remember to manage their digital lives from banking to e-mail, and social networking. The device plugs into the USB port on the computer and is unlocked using a fingerprint. With the swipe of a thumb or finger, the device is unlocked allowing users to read passwords and other data on the devices integrated scree
Huawei GL07S revealed for Japan, looks like the Ascend P2  This one's a little puzzling. Japanese carrier Emobile has announced a new phone from Huawei, the memorably-named GL07S. The confusing part is that it looks almost identical to the black-colored   Ascend P2,   with the same three-line menu button differentiating it from   another handset leak. It's hard to say just yet, but Huawei might be readying two devices like it did during CES, where it unveiled the P2's predecessor alongside an even thinner   S model.   This Japan-bound offering measures up a 8.6mm thick, which while  certainly no porker, is a bit more than those promises of a   6.5mm smartphone. However, there's still enough here to intrigue us, with a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 13-megapixel camera, 32GB of built-in storage and a 2,350mAh battery rounding out a pretty respectable spec sheet. It's also going to be an important phone for the relatively small phone network too -- it's their
Sony PlayStation 4 unveils, specs Dualshock 4 controller and PlayStation 4 Eye camera It has been an eventful day for   Sony, which just wrapped up its   PlayStation 4   event a bit ago. Although it didn’t show off the game console, the company has released its specs, along with information about its Dualshock 4 controller and PlayStation 4 Eye camera. Check out a gallery of pics, as well as the specs and other details after the jump. The PlayStation 4 is said to “center around” a custom GPU and (8) x86-64 cores on a custom chip.  The GPU contains 18 compute units for a total generation of 1.84 Teraflops of power for simulation and graphics. There’s 8GB of GDDR5 memory offering 176 GB/second of bandwidth. Video compression and decompression is described as “always on” for seamless gaming. The rundown of the specs looks as follows: x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU with 8 cores, as well as an AMD Radeon GPU. There’s a 6xCAV BD and an 8xCAV DVD drive, as well as one USB 3.0 port. There’s E
Sony announces PlayStation app for Android and IOS    Nintendo isn't the only gaming outfit playing around with a second screen -- Sony has plans of its own. The aptly named PlayStation app promises to expand gameplay to a player's iOS or Android device, propagating in-game maps, social networking tools or simply an easier way to access the PlayStation store. The application's functionality sounds an awful lot like the Wii U GamePad, though Sony hasn't mentioned if off-screen play via tablet will be a possibility. Even if that function doesn't come to your smartphone or tablet, it's definitely available on PlayStation Vita, which fills out the rest of the company's second screen plans with its remote play feature. Looking for official details? Skip past the break for the relevant excerpt from Sony's official PS4 press release.  
Google Want you to wear Google Glasses  Google's Glass augmented reality project opened itself to a few thousand more potential wearers with the #ifihadglass promotion, but according to the New York Times it's already addressing the question of if people want Glass. One major obstacle to introducing such a new type of product is making it look good, and the paper reports Google is negotiating with online glasses seller Warby Parker to help design better looking frames, citing unnamed sources. Of course, we ran to the counter, $1,500 in hand to get a taste of the future of wearable computing -- and take first person pics of that group skydiving we're always doing -- but we can imagine any efforts to take Glass mass market will need some refashioning first.  
Best Windows Phone 8 games   1. Cut the Rope This physics-based puzzler adds Windows Phone 8 to its long list of supported platforms which means you can now get the candy that dangles from a rope into the mouth of Om Nom, the sweet loving monster who lives in a box. Once again there's spikes, walls, and hair dryer-style air blowers try to halt your progress in Chillingo's mobile smash. Price : £0.79 | Download Cut the Rope Windows Phone app  2. Robotek   Think Robot Wars but without the dreadlocked Craig Charles, battle your bots in campaign and multiplayer mode with optional upgrades like lasers and microwaves to increase your chances of success. The turn-based action also supports in-app purchases to acquire new battle suits plus a DUEL mode to unlock so you can wage robotic warfare against fellow Windows Phone-owning friends. Price : Free | Download Robotek Windows Phone app 3. Contre Jour   Think Cut the Rope but with stellar looks,
Meet the world’s fastest graphics processor     N vidia has announced the GeForce GTX Titan, which the company claims is the world’s fastest graphics processor. The GPU is designed to handle the most demanding games by combining the processing power of 2,668 graphics cores. The GeForce GTX Titan should technically provide smoother graphics rendering and support display resolutions such as 4K or higher, according to the company. The Titan has 75 percent more processor power than the GeForce GTX 680 GPU, which was erstwhile fastest graphics processor by Nvidia. Coming to technical side of things, the GTX Titan delivers 4.5 teraflops of single-precision and 1.3 teraflops of double-precision performance. A company spokesperson said that the Titan is about 35 percent faster than its predecessor and has 7 billion transistors. The higher core count should also enable the GPU to crunch calculations in a more power-efficient manner. That’s possible because instead o
 Jabra Launched Motion Series, with integrated motion sensor that is environmental adaptable Jabra has unveiled its new Jabra Motion Series of headsets, which includes the Jabra Motion UC and the Jabra Motion. The line is unique due to its use of motion sensors and microphones to monitor and react to environemental situations intelligently. For example, audio will be optimized based on the ambient noise levels in the surroundings, and adjustments are made based on movements, such as shutting off when one lays down to nap. The integrated motion sensor and “intelligent” microphone allows the user to spend more time concentrating on the call, and less time adjusting and fiddling with the headset. One example of the motion sensor at work is the auto-on feature that turns the device on when it senses that it has been picked up. Likewise, if one goes from sitting to walking, the audio will be tweaked to adjust for the change in noise that will result, ensuring that
HTC One's clone GooPhone One available on   HTC may have announced its latest flagship smartphone HTC One on Tuesday but its Chinese clone has been around for a couple of days. As per the news reports on, this smartphone is christened GooPhone One. It is noteworthy, that GooPhone is quite famous for releasing very similar looking clones of flagship smartphones. Earlier the company had launched a clone of iPhone 5, which was dubbed GooPhone i5. As per the pictures posted by smartphone looks quite similar to the the HTC One. There are no details available for the specifications for the GooPhone but it is expected to have a 4.7-inch display just like the HTC One. As per , GooPhone One might be a dual-SIM or dual-mode (GSM+CDMA) smartphone. The HTC One comes with a 4.7-inch full-HD display with 468 pixels per inch packed in an aluminium unibody. It is powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 p
HTC One hands on: a powerful phone    HTC announced its next flagship Android phone, the HTC One, at a press event Tuesday in New York City. The company placed heavy emphasis on the phone’s new UI overlay, "Android with HTC Sense", on top of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, as well as its BlinkFeed information service and a new ultrapixel camera. HTC seems set on making the phone do a lot of the work for the user, which should be helpful to casual customers but might frustrate others who prefer more control. The screen on the HTC One is bright and very crisp, and we’re very glad to see more and more manufacturers step up to a 1080p resolution (468 pixels per inch). We’re still finding, as with HTC’s last big launch with the Droid DNA, that this feature and svelte body design end up coming at the cost of battery life and size. But the new HTC One packs a 2300 mAh battery, where the Droid DNA’s was only 2020 mAh, so it may have less trouble with running out of ju
LG Display drops injunction request on Galaxy Note 10.1, seeks 'alternative solution' with Samsung  A patent struggle between LG Display and Samsung Display kicked off late last year when the latter filed a lawsuit claiming its counterpart had stolen technology secrets tied to the production of OLED screens. In turn, LG threatened its own injunctions and the fight was on but now it may be moving towards a resolution. After rumors indicated the two were trying to talk it out a few days ago Samsung Display dropped its injunction request, and now LG has responded in kind. After dropping its request for an injunction preventing the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 in South Korea, LG Display says it is seeking a resolution "through an amicable negotiation" -- you can read the official statement in full after the break. With any luck, these two will have hugged it out by the time their latest round of devices are ready to ship, and we can enjoy our H