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Chinese “spy” caught with NASA laptop full of porn, not secrets

On March 16, in what appeared to be another case of Chinese espionage, FBI agents boarded a plane at Dulles International Airport  to arrest Bo Jiang , a Chinese national with a doctorate in electrical engineering from Old Dominion University. Jiang, a former contractor at NASA's Langely Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, had recently been let go by his employer because of pressure from Republican congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia. Wolf had claimed Jiang and other Chinese engineers employed by NASA contractors were a security risk. And that day, it seemed so—Jiang had a NASA-owned laptop in his possession, and was on a plane back to China.

Warner Brothers sued for unauthorized use of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat

  Warner Brothers is facing a federal lawsuit for using two feline-themed Internet memes in a video game without their creators' permission. The authors of " Keyboard Cat " and " Nyan Cat " have sued the media giant arguing that the game Scribblenauts , published by WB Games , infringes their copyrights and trademarks. The game's developer, 5th Cell , is also named in the lawsuit. Keyboard Cat is a YouTube video uploaded in 2007.

Now 3D Printed bionic ear with super hearing,Princeton crafts.

Scientists have toyed with printing ear implants for ages, but they've usually been more cosmetic than functional. Princeton has just developed a bionic ear that could transcend those mere replacements to offer a full-on upgrade. Rather than seed hydrogel with cells and call it a day, the researchers 3D printed a blend of calf cells, hydrogel and an integrated, coiled antenna made from silver nanoparticles . The frankly spooky

Pelican Imaging's 16-lens array is Future of Mobile Phone Camera, coming to smartphones next year

After yesterday's news about Nokia investing in Pelican Imaging 's plenoptic camera system, it was hard not to feel impatient about exactly when this technology might arrive in real, commercially available smartphones . Well, we have an update on that front: although the company's CEO, Chris Pickett, wouldn't tell us which OEM (s) he's been talking to, he did say that his product is currently being trialed by device manufacturers and is scheduled to be part of at least one new smartphone launching in 2014. Now, this next bit is pure speculation on our part, but given that carrier testing alone can

BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and PlayBook get DoD approval

The average consumer may be able to thumb through FCC filings to get a peek at their next smartphone , but certain government employee 's hopes lie in the hands of another agency: the US Department of Defense. Good news for federally employed BlackBerry fans, then -- the company just announced that BlackBerry 10 smartphones and PlayBook tablets running Enterprise Service 10 have been added to the Defense Information Systems Agency 's approved product list. Finally, DoD employees can toss out that BB7 handset and join their friends in 2013. Check out the company's official statement after the break.

Harvard’s robotic insects fly for the first time

They’re a source of fascination for some and paranoia for others – robot insects , which are about the size of your standard house fly and capable of flying in mostly the same fashion. This week the first flight of robotic insects in a Harvard lab was detailed in the journal Science , along with an image of one of the tiny creatures in action, which we have after the jump. The first flight, according to the Harvard announcement, took place at 3AM one day in the summer of 2012 at the helm of grad student Pakpong Chirarattananon. The robot measured in

Ultimate Poker to become first legal, real-money online poker site in US

On Tuesday, is expected to launch what will become the country’s first fully legal online poker site—with one major catch: it will be limited to those physically present within the state of Nevada . Neither the site nor state regulators have said precisely what means they will use to determine a player's location, but Nevada state officials told Ars previously that it would be far more extensive than simple IP-based geo-location.

Extreme closeup! IBM makes 'world's smallest movie' using atoms

After taking a few shadowy pictures for the scientific world's paparazzi, the atom is now ready for its closeup. Today, a team of IBM scientists are bypassing the big screen to unveil what they call the "world's smallest movie." This atomic motion picture was created with the help of a two-ton IBM-made microscope that operates at a bone-chilling negative 268 degrees Celsius . This hardware was used to control a probe that pulled and arranged atoms for stop-motion shots used in the 242-frame film. A playful spin on microcomputing, the short was made by the same team of IBM eggheads who recently developed the world's smallest magnetic bit. Now that the atom's gone Hollywood , what's next, a molecular entourage?Watch Video  here.

Future Gadgets: VUUM Smart Hanger

 Hang your clothes on this Korean design while you sleep and a stream of air infused with millions of negative ions helps sterilise bacteria. Meanwhile, a blast of far- infrared rays resists the development of mould. The “smart” deodoriser removes cigarette odors and helps your clothes smell peachy clean. Designers : Beom-Seok Lee, Dong-Il Kim, Wan-Il So & Ki-Won Song

Klenzi Concept: Sluggish people's Morning Bath skipper

 For those moments when you're without running water , Klenzi is like a Karcher Window Vacuum, but all up in your face. It has interchangeable heads for body, face and hair and cleans your skin with water and detergents which it then reabsorbs. Perfect for festivals, camping and lazy couch potatoes . Designer : Hamed Kohan

OD-11 Cloud Speaker: A Cool Gadget

 Making its way into our countdown of the hottest 100 gadgets on the planet at number 89 is the OD-11 Cloud Speaker.Based on the classic 1974 Carlsson OD-11 speaker, this sound-chucker combines retro looks with cutting-edge tech. Wi-Fi is on board, along with all the sonic gubbins you could need: a 100W amp, woofer and a tweeter. A Bluetooth remote lets you zap it from across the room, and it’s only about 10 inches tall, and has a magnet on the back, so will sit almost anywhere quite happily. Minimalist, sleek, and very very cool. Price : £530 | OD-11 | Summer 2013

Nokia to invest in 'array' mobile cameras that use small lenses

If the name Pelican Imaging rings a bell, it's possibly because we covered the company's array imaging camera prototype back in 2011. The technology uses multiple lenses that are relatively tiny in terms of how much space they take up in a mobile device , but which work together to capture an image of the same quality as a much larger camera -- just as array telescopes replace the need for one huge telescope. Now, it appears we weren't the only ones taking an

Facebook Decorates Its Roof With A 42-Foot Wide QR Code

Scanning it opens the new FB QR Code Page on Facebook which may host puzzles, jokes, and other flavor to humanize the company. For now you’ll need an airplane or Facebook security badge to get a look at it first-hand, but once indexed it should appear on your favorite satellite mapping website. When Mark Zuckerberg called for a “Space Hackathon ” to decorate Facebook’s massive new headquarters at 1 Hacker Way, he probably didn’t expect employees to take him so literally. A few scurried up to the roof with some tar paint, and now there’s a 42-foot wide QR code on the roof that’s visible from space.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Finally Resumes Passenger Flights

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has carried passengers for the first time since a battery problem grounded all 50 planes worldwide, and Boeing says it already has modified the battery systems aboard more than 10 airplanes to correct the problem. The weekend flights came more than three months after the entire Dreamliner fleet was grounded in the wake of the meltdown of the batteries aboard two 787s in January. Although investigators in the United States and Japan have not found the root cause of the problem, the Federal Aviation Administration has

Ratings Show Android users don't want Facebook messing up their Home

More than half of Play Store reviews rank the app one star  At the launch of Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that 20 per cent of time spent on a smartphone is generally being spent browsing Facebook.Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Home is going to do much to increase that metric, with Android users panning the integrated app/launcher with one star reviews. Since it launched on the Play Store two weeks ago, Facebook's Home app has been downloaded more than half a million times, and reviewed more than 14,000 times on Play . Strikingly, over 7,500 of those reviews only gave the service a single star out of five. Admittedly, 2,300 users rated it five stars, but when factoring in all the reviews, the app has an average rating of just 2.2 out of five.

Sony Xperia SP Available in UK Now. Heading to US

We talked about Sony‘s Xperia SP smartphone some time ago, which we reported was supposed to hit shelves in the second quarter of this year. It looks like that timeline was spot-on, with the Xperia SP going on sale in the UK via T-Mobile and Orange for a moderate £249.99 sans-contract. Such adds on to the other places it is already available, including India and Singapore .

Heavily stubbled men are more attractive, says science

This week science has shown that clean shaven is not always best, and that brief periods of stress are actually good for you. We've seen modified bacteria literally nuke cancer cells , and British scientists propose a good old space harpoon as the way to clear Earth's orbit of some 6,000 tonnes of space debris . All that and more in another exciting edition of Week in Science. Stop shaving to boost your

Flatten Your Stomach WITHOUT Exercise: That really works

  Hold It In Keeping your stomach held in doesn't just make your stomach look flatter. Whenever you have a spare moment, use your muscles to hold your stomach in as hard as you can as long as you can. Repeat it throughout the day and you'll build the abdominal muscles that will flatten your stomach even when you're not clenching.

Frequent Destination

 According to the GPS device Telenav , the most common destination searched for is Walmart . What can we say? People love their Walmart shopping experiences!

Google releases Glass source code, declares platform open to hackers

  Google 's Project Glass team has released the Linux -specific source code that ships with the Android-based augmented reality device. The source is available now at , and Google said "it should be pushed into git next to all other Android kernel source releases relatively soon." This doesn't mean all of the source code related to Google Glass has been released. Android code is released in two parts—changes to the Linux kernel are released under the GPLv2 free software license, just as Linux itself is, while most of the code that makes Android recognizable to users is released under the Apache License . With Glass, just the Linux code has been released.

Skype for preview launches in the UK's 60 million-plus users will have another feature to take advantage of soon, as Skype is previewing built-in web access to its service. Currently available in the UK (headed to the US and Germany in "coming weeks," -- worldwide this summer) it lets users make calls directly from their inbox via a browser plugin available for Internet Explorer , Chrome and Firefox . Users with existing Skype accounts will also need to link their account to to the website which will allow their contacts to

Microsoft IllumiRoom fleshed out for Gaming and Living Room

Microsoft ’s IllumiRoom immersive projected gaming system, first shown off at CES , has broken cover again for a more comprehensive demo, complete with more details of how the “ TV expanding” augmented reality works. Still described as a proof-of-concept, though thoroughly whetting appetites for what the next-gen Xbox might one day evolve into, IllumiRoom will be presented at CHI 2013 [pdf link] this week, complete with learning the

Apple won't fix your computer if you smoke near it

Consumerist's Laura Northrup rounds up several years' worth of stories from Apple customers who say they were denied warranty support on their computers because they'd smoked around them. As an annoying ex-smoker, I can sympathize with a tech who doesn't want to work on a machine that smells like an old ashtray, but that's what painter's masks are for -- I've also serviced machines that reeked of BO and other less savory odors. This just feels like a way to weasel out of doing warranty service and forcing customers to pay for new machines. If the company has a policy of not fixing machines if you smoke near them, it should say so when it sells you the warranty:

"Catacombo" coffin offers surround sound

Fredrik Hjelmquist, operator of a music store in Sweden, has invented a hi-fi coffin so that the dead may listen to their favorite tunes in the afterlife. Watch the Video here Is it Too Much ? is it Violation of Dead's privacy?  What do you say...?

How To Avoid Constant Overload

Everyone has experienced a point in time where the demands are more than their capacity allows. We all know the experience of working on something into the early AM hours, because there just wasn't enough time in the day. Those times should be few and far between, yet I know some people who find themselves there all the time! It's not healthy. So how do we avoid putting ouselves in those situations time and time again? Plan: Know What’s Down The Road Nothing is worse than finding out the week of that you are slammed – that ten things need to get done and

Google Is Working On And Testing Android 4.3 - It's Still Jelly Bean

 As everyone is trying to guess whether the next big Android update is going to be Key Lime Pie or not, and whether the release will be Android 5.X or 4.X, we have yet to hear anything concrete. After getting a tip from an eagle-eyed reader ( thanks, deepayan ! ) and digging deeper, I can definitively tell you that Google is currently working on Android 4.3, and it is still Jelly Bean.  Specifically, the build I'm seeing floating around our server logs is Android 4.3   JWR23B , which

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announced

If an 8- inch stylus-enabled Galaxy Tablet wasn't your cup of tea, perhaps Samsung's new seven-inch model will do the trick. The Galaxy Tab 3 has gone official and the third iteration of the company's first Android tablet arrives with a 1.2GHz processor, 8GB or 16GB of storage (with expansion up to 64GB), a 3- and 1.3-megapixel camera array and a substantial 4,000mAh battery. That 7-inch WSVGA (1,024 x 600) TFT display suggests it's likely to be a keenly-priced slate, although we're still waiting to hear on specifics. Samsung's loaded up the Galaxy Tab 3 with Android 4.1 and says that the WiFi version will launch "globally" in May, while an incoming 3G model (no LTE at this point, but it'll be able to make calls) will follow in June.

LG is Prepairing to launch the world's first 55-inch curved OLED HDTV

We heard that the curved OLED HDTV prototypes LG showed at CES would be coming soon, and now it's official. A Korean press release indicates we can expect the 55EA9800 to launch in the next month, with shipments starting in June. According to the specs, its 4.3mm depth results in a weight of just 17kg, probably thanks to a carbon-fiber reinforced frame. Like an IMAX theater screen, the edges are curved towards the viewer to provide a more immersive feeling.

LG unveils Optimus GK in Korea Packed with G pro Features

Not tired of seeing different versions of the Optimus G ? LG has just revealed another variant for Korean customers: the Optimus GK. Similar to the one-off Optimus G Pro it delivered in Japan on NTT DoCoMo , this handset has features pinched from the 5.5-inch Pro (1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU , 2GB RAM ) squeezed into a more-pocketable 5-inch frame. The 1080p screen here (440PPI) is Full HD IPS like the one we're expecting to see in AT&T 's Optimus G Pro in a few days, matched a 3,100mAh battery, 16GB of storage, microSD slot and 13MP/2MP rear/front camera setup. This particular variant had been rumored to launch at MWC but is only now being announced for Korean carrier KT, we'll see how many more twists LG can wring out of the Optimus G platform before delivering a true sequel later this year.

Researchers find a completely new DNA binding protein

The basic premises underlying gene expression —when and where genes are turned on and off—were worked out in bacteria by François Jacob and Jacques Monod in the middle of the twentieth century. The expression of a gene typically relies on one or more proteins binding to a specific DNA sequence near the gene of interest. These proteins are called transcription factors since they regulate the transcription of genes into RNA, the first step in turning them into proteins.At this point, many different families of related transcription factors have been defined. And, as more and more genomes have been sequenced, it was easy