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Brandon Schaefer's "Logan's Run" and "Iron Man III" posters

Excellent alternative movie posters for Logan's Run and Iron Man III by Brandon Schaefer . Many prints of Brandon's work can be purchased online .VIA :boingboing

Turtle Beach gets Microsoft stamp of approval to build Xbox One headsets

Microsoft's new Xbox comes with a console, controller and Kinect, but even if you pre-order One for yourself, you may choose to go elsewhere to pick up a matching headset. And, Turtle Beach will be one of the first next-gen headset providers, as it's just signed a license with Microsoft to build them for the One. Turtle Beach isn't sharing any more info on the forthcoming headsets, but we'll be telling you all about them when they're revealed at E3 in a few weeks. Oh, and before you go thinking that you can save yourself some cash by using your trusty Xbox 360 cans, remember that the One's controllers have a new proprietary port on them that's incompatible with your old gear. You were looking for an excuse to upgrade your over-ear gaming audio anyway, right?

Doctors save baby’s life with 3D-printed tracheal implant

In an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine today, two doctors from the University of Michigan described how they saved an infant with a life-threatening respiratory disorder using a custom-designed 3D-printed device. Printed with bio-absorbable plastic, the device is holding the child's airway open and allowing him to breathe normally. The child, Kaiba Gionfriddo, suffered from tracheobronchomalacia—a collapse of the airway to one of his lungs. The condition prevented him from breathing out carbon dioxide and getting sufficient oxygen. At six weeks old, he was out with his family at a restaurant when he started to turn blue. By the time he was two months old, he had to have a breathing tube inserted into his trachea to keep him alive.

LG invites you to splash around with Optimus GJ, a water-resistant phone for Taiwan

Come next month, NTT DoCoMo users won't be the only ones to benefit from a water-resistant version of the Optimus G. Similar to the L-01E for Japan , LG has introduced the Optimus GJ for Taiwan , which carries IPX7 certification that allows for worry-free immersion in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. The Optimus GJ also carries IPX5 certification for protection against dust particles. Dubbed the E975W, the smartphone is by and large a thicker version of the Optimus G (E975) . This means you'll find a 4.7-inch, 1,280 x 720 True HD IPS display , a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, a 13MP primary / 1.3MP front-facing camera setup, 2GB of RAM , 16GB of expandable storage and Android 4.1.2. Unlike the original Optimus G, the Optimus GJ wields a larger 2,280mAh battery and a red backing, but also lacks NFC functionality. You can expect it to hit the market next month in Taiwan, where it'll sell for NT$17,990 ($600). Hit up the source link to find addi

Jolla introduces first Sailfish OS smartphone

When it comes to mobile operating systems , this particular market is starting to get a little bit more crowded than usual. First of all, let us list down the two major players where smartphones are concerned, and obviously iOS as well as Google’s Android would pop into your mind, and after that we have Microsoft ’s Windows Phone platform that is closely followed by BlackBerrry 10 OS, and the featurephone market will see Symbian taking the chunk of the market share. Does this mean that there is no longer any more room for innovation for the more ambitious around? The correct answer would be a resounding, “No!”, as Jolla from Finland recently announced their maiden attempt at a smartphone which is powered by their very own Sailfish mobile operating system.

Intel awards science fair scholarship to teenager’s self-driving car

Intel has awarded its $75,000 scholarship at its international science and engineering fair late last week, giving the funds to 19-year-old high schooler Ionut Budisteanu of Romania . Budisteanu’s project? A self-driving car , which successfully navigated through 47 out of 50 driving simulations and cost $4,000 to create. Rather than using the expensive 3D radar used by Google , the student uses a webcam.

Concept:The USB Drive

Sometimes innovation is about coming up with new ways to do the same old chore. For example, if you need to access files from your portable Hard Drive and transfer them to a USB key, then you need to route it through the Laptop or PC. Without PC is a device that eliminates this step; it features a touchscreen that facilitates easy transfer of files from the Hard Drive to the USB. Without PC is a 2013 iF design award – concept design entry. Designer: Dongwook Kim

Samsung rumored to roll out fingerprint scanning on future Galaxy devices

It seems Apple isn’t the only company working on fingerprint scanning technology. It looks like Samsung is also getting into the biometrics business with a solution of their own. Deep within the Galaxy S III file system, some images have been discovered that show off illustrated fingerprints, hinting to that possibility that Samsung may implement fingerprint scanning in future devices. According to SamMobile , a tipster found the images within the SecSettings.apk at SecSettings\res\drawable-hdpi. This indicates that Samsung could be testing some type of fingerprint scanning technology internally, and these images could’ve been left on older Galaxy S III devices by mistake, or just hidden deep within the file system so that no one could find them, but that didn’t turn out so well for them.

Pandora Premieres station offers pre-release album streaming

Pandora, which is about to face a big competitor when Apple irons out its remaining snags with iRadio , has just announced a new feature – Pandora Premieres. This station is unlike the rest, allowing users to listen to early album releases before they’re available for purchase. While not much is available via it right now, more artists will be added in the future. Thus far, two albums are being made available via Premieres: “Once I Was An Eagle” by Laura Marling , and “Wrote a Song for Everyone” by John Fogerty . Unlike a typical Pandora station, the

The gaming headset that (literally) shocks your brain to attention

SAN FRANCISCO, CA —Earlier this week,We showed up at a demo day for the painful-to-read HAXLR8R (pronounced hack-celerator). It's a startup accelerator program that takes ten teams of entrepreneurs, gives them $25,000, and flies them between San Francisco and Shenzhen to work on a hardware-based product of their design. Most of the products were still in progress so many teams spent demo day courting VC funders or imploring the crowd to visit their Kickstarter campaign. But, a company founded by

Yahoo Tumblr acquisition reportedly approved in cash-only deal

This morning a deal between Yahoo and Tumblr has been approved according to sources familiar with the matter. This deal is said by people familiar with those speaking with the Wall Street Journal to have been approved by Yahoo’s board only at this time, and that Tumblr’s board is not yet at a final decision point. This deal has been reported after several days of rumors surrounding purchases by not just Yahoo, but other large-name web-based businesses as well. This deal has been tipped at $1.1 billion in cash only, this marking a rather high point for a