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Environment and technology will change the appearance of humans in 100,000 years

If humans are so different than they were in the early days of its existence, ever wondered how to be 100,000 years from now? Driven by curiosity, an artist and  geneticist  together to make a prediction of our future looks, especially after years of using technologies like Google Glass. Nickolay Lamm was inspired by studies of the  specialist  in genetics Alan Kwan, University of Washington, to create images that are based on scientific predictions of how will the planet, climate and technology in the future.  According to the illustrations, the size of the forehead of humans, who already has been increasing over the centuries, will get bigger.  Overall, our head will be higher, given that our brain will also grow and develop.

These Light-Up Wheels Turn Your Bike Into a Tron Cycle

Anyone that bikes dreams of riding a  Tron  Light Cycle. Revolights, a set of wheel-mounted LEDs, now makes that dream a little closer to reality, and a  new built-in version  is helping that system become even more lightweight and simple than the original bolt-on setup. The white-and-red lighting setup comprises a ring of LEDs that you install around the entire edge of each of your bike rims. Using a pair of clever devices, only the forward-facing lights (or backwards, in the case of the rear wheel) illuminate when the wheel spins. The result is beautiful arcs of light that make you visible from all angles, an effect that Revolights’ co-founder and CFO Adam Pettler says came by accident.

Man Sues Doctor After Surgery Leaves Him With 8-Month Erection

A truck driver from Delaware is suing the doctor that gave him a penile implant four years ago because the surgery allegedly left the driver with an erection that lasted for eight straight months. Daniel Metzgar's 2009 surgery involved a three-piece inflatable penile implant, with cylinders placed inside the penis' shaft, a fluid reservoir implanted under the abdominal wall , and a pump put in the scrotum . But something went wrong and Metzgar was left with a permanent boner . Or, as Metzgar's attorney, Michael Heyden, put it: “Dan is stuck in this position.” That position, according to Heyden, made it difficult for Metzgar to complete a number of everyday tasks, including but not limited to: getting the paper in the morning, riding his motorcycle, and attending regular family events, which made the constantly erect Metzgar feel uncomfortable.

What's inside the Google Glass?

While Google's Glass has been on the block for a while, we've yet to see a thorough teardown of the hardware tucked away inside its slender frame. Wait no longer, though, because the folks over at Catwig have now taken the thing apart . Ultimately—and perhaps unsurprisingly—the thing turns out to be rather simple. Inside the frame are a fairly modest number of flexible printed circuit boards , connecting the core components of the device.

Bing Maps adds largest update: 270TB worth of Bird's Eye imagery

If you thought the 215TB of satellite imagery Bing Maps added last year was hefty, think again. In what is the largest installment of Bird's Eye shots yet, the mapping folks in Redmond piled on a whopping 270TB of high-res flyover images to their database yesterday. Some of the more notable (read: gorgeous) additions include overviews of Rome and Milan in Italy , Stavanger in Norway and Kaanapali in Hawaii . Aside from the new visuals, Bing also added a couple of improvements to its Venue Maps with an expanded points of interest list and a new "Report a problem" system so users can inform Bing if a location is marked incorrectly. So go on, head over to the source, select any of the amazing locales and take a little free trip to the other side of the world.

China launches next manned space mission

"You have made Chinese people feel proud of ourselves,'' Xi told Nie and his colleagues. "You have trained and prepared yourselves carefully and thoroughly, so I am confident in your completing the mission successfully. "I wish you success and look forward to your triumphant return.''It should take just over 40 hours to raise the craft's orbit to the operating altitude of Tiangong some 335km (210 miles) above the planet's surface. Three astronauts blasted away from the Jiuquan base in Inner

The new Mac Pro—you can’t buy it yet, but you can look Gallery:

  Two years in the making, Mac Pro gets a major redesign. For the first time in years, Mac Pro fans have something to really cheer about. Apple today unveiled a redesign of its workhorse computer, which is now a reflective cylindrical case that's only 1/8 the volume of the current Mac Pro. Apple vaguely said that the new computer won't go on sale until "later this year," but it's never too early to take a look at a device that we will put through its paces as soon as it's available.

LG brings Ubitus' GameNow cloud gaming to Smart TVs in the US

LG is more serious about  TV gaming than many of its rivals, and it's proving that today by rolling out Ubitus' Game Now service to Smart TVs in the US. The cloud gaming portal streams a mix of mostly console-grade titles, such as  Devil May Cry 4 and  Dead Rising 2 ; it also includes free trials and support for a handful of gamepads . A free beta is available now, and the two companies are shooting for a full-fledged launch sometime in the "near future." While it's unlikely that GameNow will replace a PS4 or Xbox One for truly demanding players, we'll take the wider game library any day.

PlayStation 4 hardware specs detailed, can include Eye for $59

At E3 earlier this evening, we finally got to see Sony ’s PlayStation 4 gaming console . While a fair bit is known about the device and the games it will run, when it came to price tags, there had been a shortage of information. That is no longer the case, however, with Sony revealing a slew of information via a press release, including with it the cost of the PS4 Eye.