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Showing posts from July 28, 2013

Microsoft patents futuristic transparent laptop display

Your future computer may be able to do more than just detect your gestures and last longer on a charge. Microsoft has filed a patent for transparent display technology for laptops and mobile devices that can actually project holographic images right before your eyes.In the patent’s claims, Microsoft describes a projection device that would be “coupled to the mobile base for displaying the image,” which seems to be in reference to future cameras that will be built into devices.

Sony, Panasonic promise 300-gigabyte discs by 2015

First there was the CD, which held 700 megabytes. Then the DVD, which held 5 gigabytes. Then the Blu-ray disc, with 50 gigs. What's next? Sony and Panasonic hope it will be a 300-gigabyte disc they're jointly researching that could hit in 2015. But might we have abandoned discs altogether by then? ony wrote up the joint-development agreement in a press release , citing the many strengths of optical media as justification for the project:Optical discs have excellent properties to protect them against the environment, such as dust-resistance and water-resistance, and can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity when stored.

Carjacking goes digital, 'white hat' hackers demonstrate

Car hacking is not a new field, but its secrets have long been closely guarded. That is about to change, thanks to two well-known computer software hackers who got bored finding bugs in software from Microsoft and Apple. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek say they will publish detailed blueprints of techniques for attacking critical systems in the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape in a 100-page white paper, following several months of research they conducted with a grant from the U.S. government.

Sensoria’s Smart Fitness Socks Track Your Steps And Coach Your Running Style

I’ve changed running styles a bunch of times over the years, shifting from mindless heelstriking to a quasi-shuffle of my own invention to try to lower the impact of running on concrete, to (finally) proper forefooting after getting gait analysis done at a running gear shop.  I can’t praise forefooting enough. It is harder work for the ankles, and initially tougher on the calves too,

Professor fools $80M superyacht’s GPS receiver on the high seas

One of the world’s foremost academic experts in GPS spoofing— University of Texas assistant professor Todd Humphreys —released a short video on Monday showing how he and his students deceived the GPS equipment aboard an expensive superyacht.Humphreys conducted  the test in the