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Showing posts from August 11, 2013

Motorola Skip, an NFC accessory that unlocks Moto X with a tap

With the release of a flagship phone comes a barrage of accessories, and every once in a while, it's something new you're not quite sure you need. Take, for example, the Moto Skip -- an NFC-based tag designed to unlock the  soon-to-be-available   Moto X with one tap. Just pair it up via NFC once; after that, you won't ever need to input your passcode to access the phone's homepage again. We'll reserve our opinion on the Skip until we get a chance to take it for a spin, but we foresee it being useful if you're extremely busy -- or forgetful -- so long as it doesn't get stolen with a Moto X. The company's website listed Skip for $20 prior to publication, but it's been pulled down since without notice of when the clip will become available.

Electricity-Free Bacteria-Powered Light Bulb

Bacteria is experiencing a boon as of late. Just recently, microorganisms have been used to make a better sunscreen. Another bright idea comes from scientists who are using bacteria as the key ingredient in a biological light bulb that requires no electricity.Created by three undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the so-called Biobulb will include a genetically engineered species of E.

America Wanted to Put a Ring of Copper Around the Earth !

During the summer of 1963, Earth looked a tiny bit like Saturn. The same year that Martin Luther King, Jr. marched on Washington and Beatlemania was born, the United States launched half a billion whisker-thin copper wires into orbit in an attempt to install a ring around the Earth. It was called Project West Ford, and it’s a perfect, if odd, example of the Cold War paranoia and military mentality at work in America’s early space

Food Helmet Sustains You With Algae

One person’s head-mounted torture device may be another person’s idea of food. Case in point: the Algaculture Symbiosis Suit. No, the above photo is not a movie still from the next installment of the “Saw” franchise. It’s a symbiosis suit, designed by artists Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta (known as Burton Nitta), that grows food while wearers go about their daily business. A series of tubes, placed in front of the mouth, capture carbon dioxide and feed it to a constantly-growing population of suit-embedded algae.