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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

BlackBerry to be sold For $4.7B

Troubled smartphone maker BlackBerry has signed a provisional agreement to be bought by a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, which already  owns approximately 10 per cent of the publicly traded shares in the  Waterloo, Ont.-based company. Trading of the company's shares was temporarily halted on the Nasdaq and the Toronto Stock Exchange early afternoon Monday after BlackBerry announced the deal, which is still subject to due diligence. Trading resumed around 2 p.m. ET. BlackBerry said in a news release that it has signed a "letter of intent agreement" under which the company's shareholders would receive $9 US cash for each  BlackBerry share they hold and the consortium would acquire, for cash, all of the outstanding shares of BlackBerry  not already held by  Fairfax.

Apple Sells Nine Million New iPhones last Weekend

The release of two new iPhone models has already resulted in nearly double the sales of previous releases. Apple said on Monday it sold nine million new iPhones over the first weekend that the phones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, went on sale. That compares with five million iPhone 5 smartphones sold last year in that model’s first weekend. Friday’s release marked the first time Apple released two new iPhones instead of one. It was also the first time it released iPhones at the same time in multiple countries around the world, including China. “This is our best iPhone launch yet,” said Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, in a statement. He said the company had already sold out of the more expensive model, the iPhone 5S, but more shipments were on the way.

Meet the Cows in the Belly with Windows that are used for research

Have you heard of cows with windows? But know that they exist. They are animals that have a type of window installed at the height of the stomach that allows to observe the process digestive live animal. The process was discovered more than 150 years. According to the website , the researchers created fistulas, or openings in the bodies of cows to have direct access to their stomachs. According to the publication, the openings - located on the sides of the bodies of animals - allow researchers to observe how certain foods are digested. Scientists justify the practice claiming thus hope to develop better and more nutritious food for cattle, as well as conducting studies on diseases like cancer, for example. Although animals do not seem to care much about the huge holes in their bellies, there is no denying that the idea is somewhat daunting, besides raising some concern about the welfare of cattle.

This Amazing Accessory Turns Your iPad Into a 3-D Scanner

When most people play with a Kinect, the best they can hope for is a high score in Dance Central . When Occipital CEO Jeff Powers saw Microsoft’s innovative sensor package for the first time he decided to change the direction of his company and got to work developing the Structure Sensor, a new 3-D scanning tool that earned the company over $250,000 in a single day. Product designers can use their iPads and Occipital’s anodized aluminum add-on to scan objects and create 3-D models suitable for a MakerBot. Realtors can take advantage of its depth sensors to capture the dimensions of a room and create a 360-degree panoramic photo that can be embedded in a listing. Gamers will be able to use the slick sensor to play a bevy of games built on top of the Structure’s open API.