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Showing posts from September 29, 2013

Microsoft publishes first video advertising Windows 8.1

Advertising is increasingly important for all businesses and Microsoft did not fail to do the upgrade to Windows 8.1, with emphasis on the Start button. Windows 8 represents a major change in Microsoft's operating system. The change is huge, but also critical, because of that Microsoft intends to bring this new update fixes. One of the main criticisms of Windows 8 was the Home button, it disappeared and was fundamental in previous versions of Windows, but that will be added in the new update. Upgrading Windows 8.1 hit the market on 18th of October, completely free. If you already have Windows 8, simply upgrading through the operating system itself. Days later, will be the new Surface to reach the market. Here is the video advertising Windows 8.1 .

Students create Germany's biggest paper airplane in the world that flies 18 meters

Students at the University of Technology, Braunschweig , Germany, have developed what they call the greatest paper airplane in the world. It's likely that you've already done some paper airplane to play with your friends, but of course, these planes are simple, small and made with a small piece of a sheet of notebook paper. The paper airplane you will see in the video below is a bit more elaborate, larger and with more detail than the one with which you are accustomed. The aircraft was examined in Braunschweig airport after flight of approximately 18 meters during a test conducted on Saturday, 28. The distance traveled by the model already secured the record world. Check out the video below and let us know in the comments what you think:

A $100 Gadget to Block the NSA: By John McAfee

The controversial founder of the anti-virus software company McAfee and has been under investigation For the shooting death of his neighbor in South America — wants to create a gadget called "D-Central" that would theoretically block the National Security Agency (NSA) from accessing your information.During a speech at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center this weekend — and as reported by The Verge — McAfee detailed how he aims to build a $100 device that works with smartphones and other devices, so personal data can't be accessed by the government. It would work on a small private network that others wouldn't be able to infiltrate. "There will be no way [for the government] to tell who you are or where you are," McAfee said.

Camera Lens Adjusts Focus Like a Human Eye

Human eyes are an ideal lens. They can easily shift focus between several objects in a given scene, even if those objects are located at different distances. Attempting a similar ability with a camera may require the photographer to change lenses.Ohio State University engineers took a crack at giving a camera lens some of the versatility of a human. They made a fluid-filled lens that can change its shape and focus, as well as alter the direction it focuses in.